Diagonal Fan Skirt

I feel like I open pretty much every blog post like this, but whatever. So sorry I've been gone! I've had so many gigs recently, which means I haven't had time to shoot much, or post much (because my gigs are at night after work, which is when I take my photos and do my blog posts) 

I've had these images since the 10th of March (which was 11 days ago D:) It legitimately feels as though I shot these photos like 2 days ago. Whoops. 

I made this skirt two weeks ago in a fit of "I have too much fabric and nothing to wear tomorrow" (both of which is untrue. There is no such thing as "too much fabric" and I definitely have lots of stuff to wear!!) I originally wanted the top fabric to scallop down the length of the pleats, but I didn't have the patience to figure out how to do it. I also think it wouldn't have looked as good (The lace definately finishes it off nicely. If I'd scalloped the diagonal part, I would have finished the skirt hem with scallops, making it infinately harder to style.) 

I used two different cottons. The patterned multi coloured cotton was a gift from my parents 3 years ago. They bought it for me right after I started sewing regularly. I don't remember when I bought the bottom cotton, but it was also several years ago. It doesn't come through in the photos, but it's actually a matte dual tone (it's a brown and greeny blue colour in real life) Because of the fabric type, it's a very subtle dual tone, but very very pretty.

Something exciting happened to me last week as well! One of my favourite bloggers Anna (From Melodic, Thrifty and Chic) did a blog feature on me :D You can read it here

Till next time (xoxo, Gossip Girl) 

Manic Pixie Sailor Girl

I think I've talked about this before, but I have two problems when it comes to listening to music. 1) I'm a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to what I listen to 2) I need new music all the time to keep me stimulated/ getting bored of the stuff on my Ipod. 

Usually this combination makes for a hellish nightmare of me spending hours to find new music to listen to, but not getting rewarded for my efforts. Somehow in the last few months since I did this last, my googling/youtube skills have improved because I.Found.So.Many.New.Peeps.To.Listen.To!!!! 

Without further ado, here's the first impression of the awesome music I downloaded today. 

Casa Loma: These peeps make this lovely grungy emo heavyish music that I've loved since I was a wee lass. They've only got three tracks available, because according to my internet stalking, they're a pretty fresh band. 

Land Lady: I've mentioned this many a time, but I'm not great with genre categorisation of music, which is great for this band as they describe their genre as "surprise". They're a mesh of all the good things - compositionally sound, dynamic, full of complex vocal harmonies, and feature a range of minimalist and maximalist textures.  

Giraffes?Giraffes!  : Do you like instrumental music? Do you like Math Rock? These dudes have both of these things in their music, and they do them so incredibly well. Their pieces are so intricately constructed with a variety of different textures, and never fall into the "too much going on" trap that some instrumental music falls into. 

The Speed Of Sound in Seawater: What's better than one guitar doing pretty finger picking with sweet lilting vocals? Two guitars doing pretty finger picking with lilting vocals! That's not all this band does though. Aforementioned pretty guitars and vocals are perfectly supported by a super tight bass and drum pairing. Their writing features elements of Math rock, and have a very slight folk sound. It's just good yo! 

Malvador: Sometimes these guys have those oompah circus feels, and sometimes they're more math rocky, but again, they're all things good. They remind me the tinyiest bit of Ungus Ungus Ungus who are a werid amalgamation of circus folk experimental etc. 

Tangled Hair : So much Math rock today! These guys sit down the prettier end of math rock with their glockenspiels and their british indie vocal vibes.  I adore their use of polyrhythms (Which may or may not tangle your hair) 

Delta Sleep: sit on the grungy side of math rock. The rhythms are intricate and complex, interspersed with strong rhythmic unisons. These guys scratch a music itch I didn't realise I have, as they sit partway between various genre spaces. 

Hang In Balance: Do you know what a HangDrum is? It's the mystical spaceship like object that produces the most beautiful singing percussion sound. If flute was a percussion instrument this is what it would sound like. 

The Honey Trees: Do dream pop right. Their vocals are super sweet and floaty (pretty much the sound version of lens flair and bokeh) whilst the accompaniment is moving and light. 

Bolero: Lady Petrova, Shirt: Ebay, Belt: Kmart, Skirt: Home made, Socks: Socks and more, Boots: Dr Martens.

Bolero: Lady Petrova, Shirt: Ebay, Belt: Kmart, Skirt: Home made, Socks: Socks and more, Boots: Dr Martens.

Speaking of dreampop... What I wore yesterday was pretty darn dreampop. I sewed this skirt in 2014 using vintage material I picked up from shop 55 in woy woy. If I remember correctly, it was from the 60's. I only had a small amount of material to work with, so I made this here boxpleat mini skirt! It also looks super rad with the Bolero I bought from Lady Petrova on Tour! :D 

Black and White Fish


I experienced my first robbery this week. Now, before you freak out, it's not a big deal. The burglar is not human. The burglar is a cheeky crow that lives in our neighbourhood, and this crow likes to steal teeny tiny fairy's out of teeny tiny pot plants (This crow also loves to dig up my chives!)

playing w bow

One of the fist things my partner and I did when we moved into our place last month was buy some pot plants and make a tiny garden. One of the first things I did to said garden was decorate with teeny tiny fairy's which this crow has been slowly picking out of my garden. He's been super sneaky about it too, only taking one every few days. At the start of last week there were 6 fairy's, one ballerina and 6 gemstones in my pot plant. By Sunday I had 4 fairy's, a headless ballerina (which I posted to my instagram), and 3 gemstones.

eyes closed

I've been quelling my loss by purchasing miniature fairy garden accessories on ebay. (I've purchased some mushrooms, some tiny houses and some rabbits) Unfortunately I can't seem to find any teeny tiny fairy's (I'm talking like 3cm high).


This is what I wore Saturday. I forgot how much I love this skirt. I made it about a year ago, but haven't worn it "recently" because of the state the pleats were in (Mum was the last person to iron the skirt. She's an amazing woman, but her pleat ironing skills aren't great :P Love you mum <3)

So yeah, I finally got around to re - ironing the skirt!


Saturday was also a great day. I started the morning with a piccolo lesson from Jonathon Henderson, (who's not only one of my teacher Sally's old students, but a super great flautist who does stuff like being the principal flute of the Estonian National Opera) (Sorry for the flute specific talk!) Probably the best thing I took away from that lesson was a technique to open the embouchure of the piccolo so the high notes speak to their fullest potential: Flutter tonguing whilst playing in that register makes it impossible to make a sound with a tight embouchure (and it also gets rid of the mental hurdle)

I finished the day with a Vanishing Shapes rehearsal (which imo, is always one of the best ways to finish the day.) We're preparing material to record in September because we've been writing like crazy! (We're only recording an ep this time though, although, it's still going to be super cool) I'll talk more about it when it gets closer to being done, but basically we're doing a concept EP :D

shoes from front

And finally, always remember: Fish are friends, not food.

looking at shoes