Double Trouble

Disney Vans and Dr Martens If you don't know me IRL then you probably don't know that my partner Ro is incredibly stylish. I'm always asking him to jump in my photo's, but usually recieve a glare of disdain, followed by a "no thanks". Ro bought some new shoes today, and finally agreed to me photographing his stylishness :D

Disney Micky and Goofy VansDisney Donald and Pluto Vans

These are the shoes he bought. They're high top Disney Vans featuring Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy, and happen to go perfectly with a jumper he picked up from H & M in Melbourne earlier in the year (Which according to Ro "is the only good thing H & M have ever sold")

Disney Vans H and M sweatshirt looking to the side

He also wanted to show off the bag I made for his birthday. It's got a bath time kitty print, and is fully padded and sized to fit his laptop and mixer for when he plays gigs.

Ro with Cat Messenger Bag

Ro smiles


Ro and Jen being wayy too cute

I also may have taken advantage of this rare opportunity to grab a photo of us being wayyy too cute. (seriously, we're so sweet I want to vomit :P )

Looking Away Otome Kei Hello Kitty Cardigan

This is what I wore today. I picked this dress up from an opshop in Newtown on Monday. I was down to teach some flute, and had a bit of time to kill. I totally didn't mean to end up op shopping, it just kind of happened...

Otome Kei Head Shot Colour Pop Limbo

I paired it with a hello kitty cardigan, because it's a lighter version of the same pink (and also, Australia forgot that summer is supposed to be hot today.) I also decided to wear my holy grail chocolate brown matte lipstick. (It's by colour pop and is called limbo if you're wondering)

Dr martens polkadot clogs

One thing I didn't get a photo of is the back of my tights. They have a cute seam/bow detail on them (but look like plain black tights from the front.) I actually don't own a pair of "normal" tights at the moment. (Life is too short for normal tights)



Body Details


Crossed leg alanah hill belt otome kei

Collar Details

Hello kitty cardigan dr martens

This may be my final blog post before Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful break :)

Hello kitty lace monster

wpid-20150521_153756.jpg You think I would have learned by now to charge my camera. I ended up taking these photo's on my phone (Which is annoying to use when shooting an outfit)


Today was not the best day. I woke up feeling tired, unmotivated and bleargh. The feeling did not dissipate, but at least I was wearing a pretty dress? I don't think I've ever posted this dress on my blog. I wear it all the time, but usually on days where I'm too tired/too busy to do the photography thing. So yeah, here it is!


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

wpid-pict_20150429_155402.jpg If you've been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed that I don't have much pink in my wardrobe. It's not that I have an aversion to pink, I just don't particularly like the style/cut of many pink clothes.


This outfit formed in my head yesterday afternoon. I'd just found this amazing hello kitty cardigan in one of my favourite thrift shops, then a sparkly woven belt in my favourite vintage shop. I have had the materials for another pom pom skirt sitting in my room for about a week (I was too tired/busy to sew it together straight away) After my finds yesterday I decided to use it as my assignment doing break. (I did some assignment then did some sewing - then washed, rinsed and repeated till my skirt was done and my assignment was almost finished.)


I have totally been walking around all day feeling like fairy floss (pastel pinks do this to me yo!) I've also been struggling not to swish my skirt all day (It's super full, and therefore super swishy - a very dangerous combination when you're slightly hyperactive from exhaustion)


I think I'm definitely going to make more pink things. I really enjoyed wearing it the colour today (plus it would look super good with all of the mint things I have in my wardrobe)