wpid-20150124_180527.jpg I'm going to keep this one super short for two reasons: 1) I didn't get dresses until 3pm and 2) Shoddy phone photos because I didn't have time to shoot properly before leaving the house (so I got dad to man my phone camera after we went out for dinner this evening)


As a celebration of the last Saturday of my holidays I hit the sewing machine and created these wooden shorts. They took me about 4 hours to sew, and I got them finished just in time for this evenings activities.


The evening started with dinner with my parents, and ended with iceskating with a small group of friends. (It was super fun to catch up with everyone, especially seeing as I've been super hermit.)

As far as the shorts go, I'm really enjoying the heart pockets, and I think I'll be sewing them onto things more frequently!

Gingham fairy princess: shorts edition

image I had a bit of a sewing binge this weekend. I ended up sewing a skirts,  a dress (both of which you will see in the coming days)  and these shorts.


I've had this fabric in my sewing box for ages. I think my mum might have bought it for me about 4 or 5 years ago when I was experimenting with sewing.


I've actively been making an effort to try and use up all of the material which I've been hoarding (because I obviously don't have enough clothes :p ha ha).


Unfortunately, I didn't use all of the green gingham for this project. It takes about 3/4 of a meter of material to make high waisted shorts, and I have about 2 meters of material left over.


Maybe I'll try my hand at making some sort of shirt...

Lacy apples and shitty rail.

image I had a bit of a nightmare day today. My awful day was caused by Sydney trains inability to be able to string together a decent train service.


Anyway, let's not dwell on my public transport failure. (it's making me feel angry yo!)


One good thing that came of today was I got to have a good chat with my friend Joe.  He drove me to my car which was much faster than catching the super late train.


The icing on the cake as far as awful day are concerned was that maccas discontinued my favourite burger; the mc spicy.

I'm just glad that today is over and I can start fresh tomorrow

Steampunk Puppies.

wpid-img_20141006_214228.jpg This is what I wore Sunday.


I'm really enjoying the warm weather we're having at the moment. It means I'm able to start wearing short sleve stuff again! (as much as I love my coats and jackets, I do not miss being cold.)


I also must apologise about the lighting. I didn't have a camera fairy and I'm still waiting on my tripod in the mail :( - such fun.


Stripes that go Woof




The Weather is still being super weird. It's hot in the sun, but cold in the shade, and the wind is either super windy and cold, or super not windy, making life too hot. I'm not too good at dressing for inbetween weather. I always end up either being hot or being cold.


Not much to really say about my outfit today. I'm just restyling an old favourite.