Animal Icecream

shoes I had my first proper day off in forever today and to celebrate I dressed for comfort.


It was lovely to not have to worry about being at x location by something :00 because "insert work/study/music related thing here"


I also had a chance to have a proper play with a cute lens I bought for my camera.


It's a canon compatible Holga lens. The Holga was a film camera developed in 1981, and is known for its vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. It's a really fun little lens, but difficult to shoot with in "dim" light (Pretty much anything that's not direct sunlight/brightly lit is dim with this lens) I did manage to get a cool few shots, and next time I have a play (which, lets be honest, will probably be tomorrow) I'll make sure to go out before 4:00 when the sun hasn't sunk below the hills near my house.



sky line