Foresty Creature

shoes There's this girl I follow on instragram, Tilly Baker. Tilly is a certified rainbow princess - beautiful and brightly coloured. Because of this, she stands out. Sometimes when you stand out some people (men in particular) feel entitled to making conversation about your outfit or your body, ignoring all of the verbal and non verbal cues.



Better face

She posted about this on instagram recently, and her story bought back a memory from last year. I had been cat called 3 times in one day. I talked about it with a male friend, who then proceeded to tell me if I didn't want this sort of attention I shouldn't dress the way that I do.

peekingSo, because some men can't keep their thoughts and opinions about a woman's body to themselves, women aren't allowed to wear bright colours?  Women are not objects to be leered at, even when they're dressed in unconventional ways. This culture of entitlement needs to stop (which is why I'm posting about it!) SO if anything like this happens to you, or has happened to you speak out. Let everyone know that this behaviour is not ok and you will not tolerate it! (End Rant)

Looking behind

I really enjoyed wearing this dress on Monday. A couple of days after I finished the alterations, A film group from our uni started shooting a music video of Shapes as part of their end of year project. It was a really fun process, but this dress was essentially my "film uniform" (which I kept in a bag with the accessories I needed so I'd look pretty much the same every time) (You can watch the video here)


It was nice to be able to play with the way the dress was styled. I used more neutral colours this time to bring out the unusual olive and almost purple blue in the dress.

bow deets

The shoes I have on are shoes I purchased recently when my favourite black oxfords died. They're not quite oxfords, but they're pretty darn close (It's a real task trying to get oxfords for under $60 in Australia in Summer). I had to get these from  the men section *gasp*. They are actually the most comfortable piece of footware I've ever owned.


Turns out that shoes aren't gendered, meaning, as a lady, I can totally wear "men's" shoes. (The opposite holds true as well, if you're not a lady, you can buy ladies shoes as well!)

looking up

The whole "stuff you put on your body is not gendered" holds true for clothing as well. So if you see a piece of clothing you like, ignore the "gender" associated with it, and wear it proudly!


(My gosh, that was a bit of a segway - In unreleated news, have a lovely evening/morning :) )

Boats on the water

wpid-pict_20150302_175614.jpg I've got a bit of a nautical theme going on this week. (and believe it or not, I totally didn't do it on purpose)


Dressing in "Nautical" clothing reminds me of the first trend I feel in love with (and the first trend I ever ever missed out on because I was too slow to pick up on it/ couldn't sew it myself).


When I was in year 7, the coolest store to shop at was Supre. Supre's clothes were (and still are) catering for the "tween" demographic. They were the perfect mix of cute/effortless/comfy/cheap, and every season their clothes sported a new "trend" (the only trend I ever took part in was the 2007 neon trend)


The summer trend they had that year was Nautical. The thing I remember most were the anchor prints. The print was pretty simple. Just a solid anchor (they had several different colours, one of which was the "supre" pink) repeated over and over on a slightly oversized cotton shirt.  Unfortunately I wasn't really into shopping (it was still a boring yucky thing that adults did) so by the time I got round to dragging my mum into the fabled Supre, the store had moved onto "better" things.