Little Red Riding Hood

shoes I feel as thought I've been sharing a lot of negativity on the internet lately. Yes, there are a lot of injustices that I'm angry about, but I also have a lot to be grateful for. So, I thought I would share (in no particular order) a list of 5 things I'm grateful for.

1) My family and friends. I am lucky that my family and friends show so much love and support me 100%. From my parents who encourage my creative pursuits, to my friends who let me indulge in all sorts of silly things.

2) My music community. I am involved in an extensive and supportive music community who encourage me to grow as a musician, and encourage the bands I'm part of to grow as composers and performers.

3) My mentors. I have so many great mentors in my life, from formal mentors such as my flute and composition teacher, to more informal mentors who have provided so many opportunities to grow musically and improve my teaching skills.


4) My students. The majority of my student base are passionate youngsters who are passionate about learning music and learning the flute, making them an absolute pleasure to teach. These students make me want to improve as a musician and a teacher so I can give them the best musical education possible.

5) The stability I have in life. I have been so lucky to have had a wonderful education, and I've never had to go without. I've not done anything to deserve the success I've had, but I'm determined not to squander these opportunities I've been given, because so many others have not had access to them.


This is the outfit I wore Monday for my Monday training bands end of term concert. I always feel super smart in monochrome red outfits. I have a lot of red in my wardrobe as well, so monochrome red is really easy for me to put together. The cape was given to me a few months ago by my friend (and style extraordinaire behind the New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra) It's finally warm enough for me to wear it! (I can see it becoming a summer staple)

This outfit made me feel very little red riding hood (which is always a good thing. Life is too short to not be a fairy tale character.)