A note on Friendship.

As an adult it's super easy to get caught up in the exhaustion of life and routine and trying to keep it all together and stop seeing people and doing things with those people. I know because that's progressively been my life for the past year or so. That's all changed recently, and it's so good. 

Garden sullen.jpg

It's really nice having friends, and it's really nice being a friend. These people are your chosen family. They don't have to be with you, or care about you, but they do. Likewise, no one is forcing you to hang out, or be there for them, but you are anyway because you love them. 


Romantic love is such a major focus of our media and species. "Finding your other half" and settling down as a pair, and having a person who knows you like no other. Romantic love is great, but it's rarely forever, and when your forever falls apart on you, it's your friends that are there to catch you when you fall.  


I've had an incredible amount of support from friends over the last few months whilst I was ejecting a particular toxic human from my life. I honestly don't think I would have recovered nearly as well without all their love and support. 

As my friend Peter Lawrie would say: You are special, you are important and you are loved <3

Strawberry Kisses

wpid-20140918_132729.jpg The Uni break is so close yet so far! I've started to feel a bit bored with my clothes, and I'm itching to get stuck into the sewing machine, but I'm not allowed until next week :(


Anyway, this is what I wore to uni yesterday. I had a busy day, so I decided to keep in comfy. So here I am, being super comfortable.


The cardigan I'm wearing is super warm and super fluffy! A friend of mine thinks it looks like I've skinned elmo and made him into a jacket.