Teeny Tiny Sunflowers

I've been playing a lot recently with The Button Collective who have a dress code of brown, blue and neutral. This means I have been wearing a lot of brown, blue and neutral. I have lots of outfits I love in this colour scheme, but after wearing it for nearly a fortnight, I needed some colour.


And colour I have had! I opted for mostly yellow today to combat all of the muted tones I've been sporting lately. This outfit was also good to combat the heat of the day (After a cold couple of weeks, Australia has worked out what temperature Summer is suppose to be)

Summer break is a really weird time for me. I've gone from disgustingly busy and strictly scheduled to mildly busy and loosely scheduled. It's lovely not having to worry about time. This new (and brief) influx of time allowed me to plant a garden with my Dad yesterday (which was one of his Christmas gifts to me)

Aforementioned Garden

Aforementioned Garden

He set up 3 big planters in the backyard, bought some fancy dirt, and gave me a bunnings gift card which we used to buy some plants. We planted snow peas, jalapenos, cucumber, berry tomato, eggplant, capsicum, spring onion, spinach and a sunflower (which we ended up putting in the ground because we ran out of pot space) 

I've really enjoyed gardening since moving out (especially growing stuff I can eat!), and it was lovely to spend some quality time with Dad.

In the afternoon I traveled down to Sydney for a gig at the Union Hotel with Button Collective. The other band that played was Echo Deer, who I've seen a number of times at mutual gigs. They're music is a chill mixture of folk blues and country, and as per usual they played an exquisite set.

So yeah, life is chill. Which is a nice change.


Ugh, so, I totally forgot to do a shoe shot. :s oh well. It happens! I toned everything down today and went for a more 'classic'  look because I had to play flute in my friends end of semester exam. The temperature was also an icy cold, which meant that my pirate coat, which is my warmest coat, didn't make me warm.


The exam I played was for my friend Jake Kennedy, who is an amazing classical guitarist. (he's in my band vanishing shapes facebook.com/vanishapes if you're interested)


This dress man. It took me about a year to buy this dress. I first spied it in a shop called review when I was shopping in Sydney, but I didn't buy it because it was quite expensive. About 6 months after that, my mum and I see the dress on sale in Myer but they didn't have my size. After lamenting the fact I'd never own the dress, we saw it in Myer again, and this time in my size! It's so comfy and makes me feel like a polka dot princess!