Sunflower Pinafore (Feat Monthly Creative Favourites)

Dr Martens The Emerald Ruby I sewed for the first time in 3 months yesterday. It was glorious. I didn't have time to sew whilst I was writing my thesis, and before I could start sewing after my thesis was completed I had to clean the mess that had become my sewing room :S

Fabric Detail

This is the fabric I used. I picked it up from spotlight the other day when I went with a friend. I was originally looking for something a bit more pastel, but I was really attracted to the bright yellow with hints of green.

Sunflower Pinafore Full View The Emerald Ruby

This is what I ended up making - another heart pinafore. It's a full circle skirt with a gathered hem detail, and plenty of lace. (If you haven't noticed) I really dig this silhouette, which is why this skirt is one of my favourite styles to make.

Sunflower Pinafore Skirt Detail The Emerald Ruby

Onto my favourite creative projects etc that I've found/have been released this month (although, technically it'll be since I did the last one... I kind of fell off the bandwagon with this series)

Sunflower Pinafore Full View The Emerald Ruby

Ok, so I've actually been following this pair for longer than a few months, but they're just so fab (and every time they post I fall further in love with their style) This is Lind and Ilar from Hipsta Lobsta. They're two art students from Finland. They often match the colour schemes/ themes of their outfits and hair, and always look completely fabulous! They are completely unafraid of colour and clashing patterns.

innocentlook2 innocentlook18

This outfit set is one of my favourites that they've posted recently (it's actually quite muted for them, but I love the delicacy, unity and the subtle matching)

Sunflower Pinafore Full View The Emerald RubyI

Next is the newly released Blue Temple Ep by Ears. I'd describe this release as sort of retro(ish) experimental ambient electronic music. There are an immense amount of compositional details within the tracks. There's a really great unity across the whole Ep as well, with each track sharing a  multitude of music textures, and occasionally quoting some of the other tracks. (Ears is also a fully sick artist. You can check out his other work here)

Sunflower Pinafore The Emerald Ruby

Collective Noun were a saving grace throughout my thesis writing. I stumbled upon them in October when a friend of mine shared one of their videos. I then proceeded to use them as procrastination fodder for the rest of that evening. They're an Australian (they didn't specify their location) sketch comedy group. If I'd have to describe their style (using my very limited comedy knowledge descriptors) I'd say they're very punny, and have a very obvious Australian humor style.

Sunflower Pinafore Full View The Emerald Ruby

Finally we have the pastel neon stylings of So Youn Lee. Like many of the artists I follow, I originally saw her work on instagram browsing one of the art tags. I fell in love with the use of layers, colours, shapes and subject material. I especially love the way she uses neon colours without them looking gaudy or overbearing.


Sunflower Pinafore The Emerald Ruby

August Favourites

shoes It's that time of the month again! (the time when I share all of the cool art/music stuff I've been enjoying over the month)

looking away

We'll start with an oldie but a goodie: Absolutely Fabulous. When I sew I like to watch either Youtube, Ted Talks or a TV show (in that order). After I'd finished watching my subscriptions, and caught up on TED I turned to netflix and saw that it's available to watch.

This show is hilarious. I love the writing and the acting. I love that the technology really dates it as a late 90's show. It's silly, frivolous, but most importantly, absolutely fabulous.

to the side

I mentioned this artist earlier in the month after my band had a fabulous gig with them! Ungus Ungus Ungus sit somewhere between gypsy folk and progressive rock, and are simultaneously very serious but completely silly. I've really been digging their recordings. They make a great companion to a wonderful live concert experience!

Straight on.

Miss hero holliday is a modern day pinup who posts her outfits to Instagram daily. (she also has a blog, which is linked on her instagram profile!) I love the vintage with a modern twist that her daily outfits achieve. Her ensembles are so playful and stylish!



Finally, my last favourite for this month is Anna Svensdotter, who is a Swedish Flaustist that specialists in the 4 main flutes (Flute, Piccolo,  Alto Flute, Bass Flute) and electronics. I was lucky enough to have a lesson with her whilst she was in Newcastle. I showed her a couple of my compositions, and had a great discussion about difference tones . She also gave a lecture for my honors class.

Probably the best thing about her Newcastle Uni adventure for me was her recital. She presented a program full of modern which encompassed all 4 main flutes, electronics and various extended techniques. The way she played was inspiring. The connections she had with not only the music, but her instruments was amazing. (I feel like I'm rambling now. TLDR: If you like the flute, and want to see really out there stuff done with it, Anna Svensdotter is your flautist)

This is totally late notice, but, if you're interested in seeing her play before she returns to Europe, these are the rest of her Australian Tour dates/venues. Sept 6 Flute Tree, Sydney, solo concert Sept 8-9 Sydney Conservatory, workshop and presentation Sept 11 Conduit Arts Initiative, Melbourne, concert shared with Lina Andonovska Sept 16 Melbourne University, workshop Sept 17 Monash university, recital, workshop, classes


Finally, I must apologise for the exposure of my outfit photo's from Thursday. I failed at Iso, so now my skin (and shirt, and dress) is a glowing beacon of light! I'll just call it artist license and leave it at that! :P

July Favourites!

feets I feel like all I'm doing at the moment is apologising for my absence. We still don't have internet at home (we were meant to get it today (The NBN peeps came to install the ugly boxes) but there's something wrong with our portion of the building, and because it was a friday afternoon when they did the thing, we'll have to wait until monday for them to fix it :/) Anyway, on a less ranty note, here are the things I've been particularly enjoying over the past month!

With Coat

Susy Blue : I'm pretty sure I've talked about Susy Blue on the blog before, but, she's super fab, so I'm going to do it again. She's a Melbourne based folk musician, and the music she writes is exquisite. There was this one song on her album Messy'n (which unfortunately I can't find a streaming link for) which had the most beautiful flute, clarinet and piccolo parts. I then did a little bit of internet stalking and found out that she originally trained as a classical flautist! I also checked out her older recordings, and have been enjoying all three releases immensely.


brushing hair

Scathingly Brilliant : I've talked about Scathingly Brilliant before: She's one of my favourite bloggers who stopped blogging her outfit, but has now started again! I'd describe her style as pastel vintage. (everytime she posts, she leaves me in a pastel mood) She is also an artist/jewellery maker under her real name Kate Gabrielle! Her unique fashion style carry's through in her art style, which again I would describe as pastel vintage-y.

hands on hips


Mount Royal Mint: Is an artist who handmakes tiny felt creatures and then photographs them it the most magistic way (sometimes even adding extra hand drawn details in post production) I love how whimsical  her work is! She also hand embroiders tiny details onto the animals to add texture and extra layers of whimsy.

portrait sans coat

So yeah, those are my favourite artsy things for last month! Assuming all goes to plan, I should be posting more regularly from monday on (because, you know, third times a charm?).