July Favourites!

feets I feel like all I'm doing at the moment is apologising for my absence. We still don't have internet at home (we were meant to get it today (The NBN peeps came to install the ugly boxes) but there's something wrong with our portion of the building, and because it was a friday afternoon when they did the thing, we'll have to wait until monday for them to fix it :/) Anyway, on a less ranty note, here are the things I've been particularly enjoying over the past month!

With Coat

Susy Blue : I'm pretty sure I've talked about Susy Blue on the blog before, but, she's super fab, so I'm going to do it again. She's a Melbourne based folk musician, and the music she writes is exquisite. There was this one song on her album Messy'n (which unfortunately I can't find a streaming link for) which had the most beautiful flute, clarinet and piccolo parts. I then did a little bit of internet stalking and found out that she originally trained as a classical flautist! I also checked out her older recordings, and have been enjoying all three releases immensely.


brushing hair

Scathingly Brilliant : I've talked about Scathingly Brilliant before: She's one of my favourite bloggers who stopped blogging her outfit, but has now started again! I'd describe her style as pastel vintage. (everytime she posts, she leaves me in a pastel mood) She is also an artist/jewellery maker under her real name Kate Gabrielle! Her unique fashion style carry's through in her art style, which again I would describe as pastel vintage-y.

hands on hips


Mount Royal Mint: Is an artist who handmakes tiny felt creatures and then photographs them it the most magistic way (sometimes even adding extra hand drawn details in post production) I love how whimsical  her work is! She also hand embroiders tiny details onto the animals to add texture and extra layers of whimsy.

portrait sans coat

So yeah, those are my favourite artsy things for last month! Assuming all goes to plan, I should be posting more regularly from monday on (because, you know, third times a charm?).