So I Moved...

shoes I moved out last week! (which is why I haven't posted.) I'm still without internet at home, hence why I haven't posted in a week and a half (I'm currently at Rohan's Noni's place) I've also not been taking photos because I've been too busy/exhausted. As much as I've hated my lack of internet connection, the break has been kind of nice (If only to allow me to stay focused on my cleaning!)


Amongst all the craziness I turned 22, which is weird (in a good way). Adult birthdays are weird. There's not the same build up or excitement surrounding them as a child. I spent the evening before with a group of my close friends (One of which is visiting from her home in England), then the actual day was spent rehearsing with my band! I had dinner with my parents in the evening at my favourite restaurant as well.


I'm still not fully settled into the new place, but once I am I'll do the house tour photograph thing!