Cool music Jen has Downloaded in the past 24 hours (and where she found said cool music!)

wpid-pict_20150407_165015.jpg I found a really really cool website last night called Underground Music FM*. Basically it's like spotify but the artist controls everything about their music. (As far as pay goes, it's run on a tip based service, but I ended up buying the music I liked anyway) It's also free to listen to (which is a bit awesome!)


So, in no particular order, here is the best music I found on Underground Music FM!

1) Best Witches: These guys are just the right amount of punky/ hard/ whatever genera the kids are calling it these days. They're Chicago based (which means I'll probably never see them live - boo) and super awesome. From their recordings they seem to have a teeny tiny bit of a driftless pony club vibe. You can check them out here:

2) Dawn and Mara: This duet is comprised of two awesome multi instrumentalists. Everything about their sound is delightful, and just complex enough. They are a bit folky and a bit alternative (aka, one of my fave combinations) and their album Teaspoons and Tablespoons is brilliantly written and mixed. You can check them out here:


3) Susy Blue: Is a Melbourne based musician, and although she's described as a singer songwriter, that description doesn't do her justice. Her music is imaginative and beautiful. Again, she's another folky artist (can you see a trend yet?). I can't get enough of that folk yo! You can check her out here:

4) Byron: These guys are a light prog rockish ensemble that hails from Romania. Their music is very very cool.(I'm having trouble describing them, so you should probably listen to them instead)


5) Mega Gem: simply describe themselves as a 7 piece Orchestral pop punk band, and orchestral pop punk they are! (they have the following instruments in their band; Drums, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Banjo, Autoharp, Keytar, Bass, Trumpet, Glockenspeil) Their music is basically all the best bits of pop punk with none of the downfalls of the genera. More than that, their music is just plain fun. You can check them out here:

6) Hotel Cinema: Now, I know I said that these were in no particular order, but I have saved the best music for last. These guys have a quirky sound, with dark brooding undertones. All of their music is beautifully written and orchestrated, to the point where I'd probably include them in my top 10 favourite bands of all time. You check them out here:

That's it for the music I indulged in yesterday! I hope you enjoy these super rad musicians. I also suggest for my music friends to get your music onto this platform. It's still pretty small, which means everyone has a chance to be heard!


* I doubt this really needs saying (because I'm still a teeny tiny fashion blog) but this is not a sponsored post. I just get hella excited when I find music platforms willing to show me super cool underground music and artistsĀ  that normally get lost in the noise of the internet.