Meadow Dreams

I had such fun this afternoon photographing todays outfit. 

I managed to find not one, not two, but three new places to shoot (which is a fairly large deal as I thought I had exhausted the local area of "secret locations" ). There's a fairly concealed walkway in the Narara/Wyoming area called "the glow path" and it's basically a tiny slice of heaven in what would otherwise be just another lot of busy roads and suburbs. 

Unfortunately my shoot was quite rushed as I may have forgot to charge my DSLR battery. When I rush, my focus goes, meaning the photo's from the third location (which was so very pretty) were very blurry. 

Speaking of sub par photography! Remember those awful photo's I took of the pine cone pants I sewed recently (totally cool if you don't)? Welp, those are the pants I wore today! :D Now you can actually see what they look like, instead of seeing a noisy dark blob. 

Shoes: Therapy, Pants: Home Made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Blouse: Thrifted

Shoes: Therapy, Pants: Home Made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Blouse: Thrifted

Not much happened today as far as life goes, but yesterday I played an awesome gig with the button collective and some awesome peeps at Blackwire records, which is an independent music store/venue. There were 5 music acts, and 5 poets. I'm not really in the head space for writing many things (which, you totally can't tell from the bulk of this post :P) so I'll leave the blow by blow concert review for another time. I can say however, that the whole concert was captivating and every musician that played and poet that read did so wonderfully.  

The vibe of the concert was also very unique. It was an unplugged session, meaning that no one was amplified. The show was sold out, the venue was packed, and you could hear the music perfectly, because everyone was there to listen. You don't get that very often playing in a contemporary setting. It was really nice. 

Anyway, I want to shout out all of the peeps that played: Alison Gallagher, Spencer Scott, David Le'aupepe  and especially Nothing Rhymes With David, who put together the whole shebang. <3 

Skipping Days

wpid-pict_20150218_192044.jpg Guess what day it isn't today. Today is not Thursday. Like it's totally completely not at all a Thursday.

The fact it was not Thursday today did not stop me from thinking it was Thursday.




The Thursday mood struck me last night as I was planning out the new school I'm teaching at. I'll be teaching there on a Thursday morning, and somehow last night I got it into my head that Thursday is one and the same as tomorrow.

About 10 mins before bed I realised that "tomorrow" was not Thursday. Unfortunately for me this did not stop the panic as I woke up at 10:00 a whole 2 hours after my Thursday teaching was meant to start. If I had woken up on "time" I would have arrived at school incredibly early.


I guess part of the reason I skipped Wednesday in my head is because I had nothing planned for today and I want it to be the weekend already. I've got pretty massive plans Thursday onwards. As I mentioned before, I start teaching at a new school on Thursday, which is pretty exciting. Then Friday I have a gig with my band Vanishing Shapes and my friends band Baltic Barmitzvah in Sydney at Mr Falcons, which is a venue I've been wanting to play for a while and Sunday my band will finally get to play at the Rhythm Hut (which is by far the best venue on the Central Coast)

So comparatively, Wednesday was a bit boring (although, I was not bored today. I sewed a new skirt and a pinafore!)


Tulle and polka dots.

wpid-c360_2014-11-25-18-08-10-473.jpg So this is actually the outfit I wore on Tuesday (I was going to post it yesterday, but the woy woy idiots made me too angry).


It was super hard to shoot this space the way I wanted to because the sun was constantly peeping in and out of the clouds. If only artificial light wasn't so blah.

wpid-c360_2014-11-25-18-26-42-111.jpg wpid-c360_2014-11-25-18-27-20-326.jpg

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this loose chiffon blouse thing as well! I'm glad I've worked it out in time for summer, because it means I might have a fighting chance at maintaining my style without feeling too hot!


Pioneer Park

wpid-20141117_175402.jpg I found a "new" park is Gosford yesterday.  It's a small park called Pioneer Park. As well as being a beautiful park, it also houses some really old graves (Mostly from the mid 1800's) I didn't take any photo's of the graves. (It felt a little disrespectful. Also, what if there was a ghost!?)

The Emerald Ruby

Anyway, this is what I wore. I whipped up this fox pleated skirt Sunday afternoon because that's the way I roll. I was going to use the fabric for some shorts, but I decided last minute that shorts were too much of a hassle to make on a Sunday afternoon.

The Emerald Ruby

The Emerald Ruby

The Emerald Ruby

It amazes me that one can live in an area for so long (I've been in the same house for 19 years) and still not know all of its secrets.

The Emerald Ruby