I want to join the circus

Shoes In an unlikely turn of events, my band had a gig last night. We played with two other bands at the Lass and had a wonderful time playing to an awesome crowd and having our ears massaged by the likes of Zappo and Ungus Ungus Ungus.


Zappo are one of my favourite Newcastle based bands. Their sound is quite psychedelic rock, and although there's a definite "retro" vibe around their song writing and instrument/effect choices, their music never crosses the line into "dated" territory. I love watching them perform. They've got great chemistry. I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't get any photo's of them (I left my camera in the car, and didn't want to miss out on having their music massage my ear drums)


Ungus Ungus Ungus are a psychedelic gypsy prog rock band (and yes, their music is as nutty as their genera suggests (in the best way possible)) I'm trying to find words to properly describe the experience of waching Ungus play... they're amazing, and off the chain (and their bassist pulls the some of the best faces I've ever seen(only to be rivaled by the bassist in The Maint Guy and the Other Guys)) Their on stage chemistry is out of this world as well.

It's funny. This gig kind of reinforced what a small world the music world is. The saxophonist in the band is actually a guy I play with semi regularly (which I didn't know about until I looked up their bands website last  week)

sanz blazer

I managed to get some decent (read: not blurry) photo's of Ungus! (woohoo) I've uploaded them to my facebook page (you can have a gander if you would like) I took so many great shots of "twisted singing" faces (which are the best) :D

hand in hair

This isn't what I wore to the gig (I didn't managed to take outfit photo's yesterday - boo) This is what I wore on Tuesday to work and stuff. It was a pretty cold day, so I went for "warm", which this outfit definitely was.