Boats on the water

wpid-pict_20150302_175614.jpg I've got a bit of a nautical theme going on this week. (and believe it or not, I totally didn't do it on purpose)


Dressing in "Nautical" clothing reminds me of the first trend I feel in love with (and the first trend I ever ever missed out on because I was too slow to pick up on it/ couldn't sew it myself).


When I was in year 7, the coolest store to shop at was Supre. Supre's clothes were (and still are) catering for the "tween" demographic. They were the perfect mix of cute/effortless/comfy/cheap, and every season their clothes sported a new "trend" (the only trend I ever took part in was the 2007 neon trend)


The summer trend they had that year was Nautical. The thing I remember most were the anchor prints. The print was pretty simple. Just a solid anchor (they had several different colours, one of which was the "supre" pink) repeated over and over on a slightly oversized cotton shirt.  Unfortunately I wasn't really into shopping (it was still a boring yucky thing that adults did) so by the time I got round to dragging my mum into the fabled Supre, the store had moved onto "better" things.


A Whale of a time

wpid-pict_20150219_174844.jpg I had a massive sewing day on Wednesday this week. Apart from running errands and teaching, I pretty much sewed without a break from 10 am through to 1am the next day. I made two items of clothing; the whale skirt I wore yesterday, and another item of clothing which you'll get to see tomorrow!

My sewing binge was spurred on by my excitement about getting to teach at a new school. I wanted something new and fun to wear. I think a whale skirt with heart pockets covers all those bases!


After work yesterday I met up with 4/5ths of my band for some radio interviews which was pretty exciting. We recorded one with the local ABC for this morning, and we recorded one with Coast fm for tomorrow morning. We've not done radio as a band before, but it was pretty fun.


One last thing! If you're in Sydney this evening, you should totally come to our gig with Baltic Barmitzvah at Mr Falcons in Glebe! We've recently been working with a new member, and this will be his first big gig with us :D

Pretty in pink and lace


As a person who loves sewing and thrifting I have developed an alterations pile in my sewing box. (an alterations pile is basically a backlog of clothes which I found while thrifting and I thought had potential to be altered into something more my style) 

Last night I made the first step to reducing said backlog.


This was originally a plain vest shirt thing with an ugly belt around the waist. It was also slightly too big. I took it in a bit, unpicked the belt loops and used some wide lace to create the collar and sleeves.


I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out. The lace makes it much more me.


One last thing. The picture above is the first sketch of what will hopefully be my first collection. I've been thinking a lot about how my sewing and pattern making is progressing, so I've decided to take the first step (telling the internet so it will keep me accountable) towards making it a thing.

Edit: I had another thought and didn't want to leave it in case I forgot! I've been looking for a subculture name to describe my look for about 5 or 6 years. Anyway, I finally found one! The term is otome kei.! :D

mermaids and teacups


This is the outfit I wore to uni a couple of days ago. I made the skirt last year and I don't wear it enough!


The pattern on the fabric is tiny adorable mermaids.


I also urge you to imagine some red shoes on my feet as you view these images! My  parents have a no shoe rule in the house, so I had to take my outfit photos sans shoes.



I've had a bit of extra time lately to be able to do some eye-shadow which is nice!




My old flute teacher was doing a clean out of her house and gave me these beautiful old teacups that her mother owned. I love how bright they are (and I will definitely be drinking tea out of them soon)