My Little Tour

These are not tour photos (Although, you'll be glad to know I've managed to take outfit photos everyday of the tour dresses I've been wearing!) I took these in December last year. 

I'm currently on tour with Vanishing Shapes. We're currently in Brisbane chilling out before this evening's gig. We've been away from home for about a week, most of which has been spent at, or North of Byron Bay.  

It's crazy just how different the climate is up here, mostly the strength of the sun. I've been slathering myself in sunscreen everyday, and have still managed to get a tiny bit burnt. 

Real talk: I know that it's very necessary, especially during summer (and I make sure to wear it when I'll be out in the sun) but I really do not like wearing sunscreen. Even the "non greasy" stuff leaves a greasy, almost dirty film on my skin. Still way better than a sunburn though. 

I've also not had a hot shower since being up here out of choice. I've not been in a place that's too hot for a hot shower before. I've actually really enjoyed the refreshing cool feeling that comes from a cold shower. 

Apart from the weather, tour has been a really creative time. I've done so much painting (which you can see on my instagram) I've also made some jewellery (which you'll get to see in my next post) 

Most importantly, we've had some absolutely killer gigs! We've hit up the temperance society in Sydney, 5 Church Street in Bellingen, and played two ripper house concerts: Byron fine house music concerts, which was an intimate chill out time, and one for the Porch Project in Yandina Creek with a ripper new band called the score (As soon as they have any kind of social media presence I'll be posting about them! They're rad!) We've also spent time on the streets of Byron Bay busking our little hearts out. 


I've done a lot of busking in a lot of different places, and I think Byron Bay has been my favourite so far. People actually stop and listen, and chat to you, unlike most other places where everyones in such a rush to be somewhere, and don't have time/patience/cares to have a gander. 

Anyway, I'll be sure to post another update when I can! 


When I was in Lismore, I stumbled across the cutest vintage clothing store called the Treasure Trade.

I purchased two pieces in that shop, neither of which I've been able to wear (the clothes are made for colder weather, which is rare in the Australian Summer) 

Yesterday it was chilly enough for me to wear one of the pieces! This is such a perfect and comfortable dress. It's made of chiffon, and has elasticised wrists and waist. It's a tiny bit see through, but that's nothing a slip can't fix. 

The colour is really unusual as well. Too purple to be considered blue, but too blue to be considered purple - basically a perfect periwinkle. 

The skirt of the dress has wonderful movement. I pretty much twirled in it all day. 

On a more serious note, it seems some people need to have a good talking to about personal space and body autonomy. 

I played a gig last night with my band. During the break I needed to use the loo, so I went into the stall area and waited for a stall to free up. The toilets at this venue were unisex. 

Now, normally when you're cuing for the loo, you let the other people in the room have all the space they need. This is the sort of basic respect I expect from people in the stall room. 

So this guy walks into the stall waiting area, and proceeds to put his arm around me in a very familiar way, whilst trying to pick me up at the same time. I'm ashamed to say, I only stiffened up and shifted away. I didn't use my words, but then again, I have a fairly good reason. This guy was twice my weight. I didn't know him. I didn't know if he was drunk, and I didn't know if he would get violent, so I politely and awkwardly sent out the "go away" signals.  

When I finally got into the stall I took my time so that I didn't have to run into him on the way out. He was washing his hands in the basin when I exited the loo. Again, he tried to make conversation. The creepiest bit was when he finished at the basins, he went to the door, turned back and stared at me for an uncomfortably long time, opened the door, then stared again before exiting the bathroom. 

I should have said something to the bar staff, but I was too shocked at the time, and unfortunately too used to this sort of behaviour from strange men. The more I think about the exchange, the angrier and more disturbed I feel as well, both at strange bathroom guy, and at me, although quite frankly I shouldn't have to say anything because it shouldn't have happened in the first place. (man, that's a run on sentence) 

Compared to many other instances of inappropriate touching, this is quite mild, but I don't care. The fact that someone thought this was appropriate is disgusting. It really shouldn't need to be said, but if you don't know the person you do not touch them. Ever.  

If you're non-male person and someone does something inappropriate, speak up. Let them, and everyone around you know that it's not ok, because if we don't, the people who behave this way will continue to be disgusting, and our tiny children will think it is ok. And that's not cool. 

Channeling my inner Bubblegum

I'm pretty ready for summer to be over. I'm sick of the super long days, and the heat, the sweat factor and the harsh sun. When I shot my outfit today it was noon. Because it was noon I had to shoot under cover because guess what!? The sun was pretty much impossible to shoot with. It washed out my dress/ made weird shadows/ put the colours and contrast out of whack. 

That being said, I'm not ready for the bitter cold of winter. I don't dig the short days, or the rain, and I get pretty sick of taking my coat off in too hot rooms/ putting it on when it's freezing outside. I also hate teaching in rooms without a heater. Cold fingers make for sad instrument times. 

I'm looking forward to the inbetween seasons of Autum and Spring (or at least, the few days of true autumn and spring weather we sometimes get during that time if we're lucky) It means I can layer up without feeling too hot, but If I don't want to layer up, I don't have to because it's not devilishly cold either. 

It was probably pretty silly of me to sew (and then wear) a fleece dress in summer, but I fell in love with the colours/texture and how soft this fabric is. (I keep stroking the dress. It's a problem yo) Originally I planned to make this using baby pink faux fur and baby blue velvet, but my local spotlight had neither of those things, which is why I went for the fleece (although, thinking about it now, the fur and velvet would have been just as hot). 

I drafted the bodice from this stretch dress (to save me the trial and error and frustration of drafting from scratch) The sleeves were pretty simple, and the skirt portion is just a 1/2 circle skirt. Even though the fabric has some stretch in it, I still had to install a zipper (the stretch wasn't enough for mo to be able to slip in and out) 

I thought I'd finish off with something a little be frivolous. I'm a bit of a nosy parker, and a lover of the "what's in my bag" blog/vlog. You can tell a lot about a person based on what they keep in their bag. What I've shown here is pretty much everything I have on a daily basis. Sometimes there's more, and sometimes there's less, but I'd say this is my bag sitch about 80% of the time. Left to right: Top to bottom: Current bag of choice (a pink satchel I picked up from the op shop for $7) Business cards for The Button Collective, Vanishing Shapes and The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra. Kindle. Yarn Yoshi Amibo (given to me by a close friend - I think of her every time I see it). Swiss Army Knife. Misc Perfume (Apple pie, orange chocolate and banana. They're all made by independent perfumers, although they may not make those scents anymore)  Charger and Wall plug. Glasses Cloth. Instant Hand Sanitiser. Burts Bees lip balm. Wallet. 2016 Diary. Phone (Huawei G8)  Pen. Ipod Classic 120gb. Mirror Book Pro. Emergency clothing repair kit. Stickers for students. Deodorant. Misc lipstick (because what's a handbag without random lip products)