Cheshire Cats

wpid-c360_2015-01-22-18-11-31-252.jpg Today was day 2 of the Flutation Summer School, and as per day 1 I had an absolute blast. The day started with a Vocal workshop for my group, and after I resumed my duties as a floater. To finish off the day we ended with a concert. As a floater, I ended up playing in all the groups (which all played superbly, especially seeing as we only had 2 days to learn the music)



This is what I wore today! The tights made me feel like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland (mostly because of the stripes, partially because of the kitties) The pattern of the dress mixed with the belt and theĀ  pattern of the tights also loosely reminds me of the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland.

I also think the blue which is predominant in this outfit made me feel a bit Alice-y as it's the same colour as her dress.



Before I finish the post, lets talk briefly about the state of my hair texture. When I was in high school (and right up until the beginning of this year) I straightened my hair every day. I didn't particularly like my wavy texture, (I found it was easily influenced my my bed and didn't style very well) Over the past 7 months or so, I've slowly taken straightening my hair out of my routine in favour of different hair products (I only straighten my fringe if it's being hella weird.) I find if I spray my hair with sea salt spray after my shower, my hair waves nicely and is full of body.

I'm really enjoying using my natural hair texture instead of a heat styled texture (Not only is it easier, by it's better for my hair and my grease production (TMI: Sorry not sorry))







Bunnies, Bee's and Double Bows

wpid-c360_2015-01-21-18-35-04-006.jpg I think I finally lost it today. When I woke up and got dressed, the last thought I had about this outfit was "I need to pin another bow to the bow I have on the skirt because there's not enough bowage on this skirt"

I now present to you "Rabbit Skirt with Double Bow"


Apart from the double bow, I had an excellent day! I attended the first annual Flutation Summer School that Rosalie Bourne from Flute tutor Australia organised.


I've never seen so many flutes together in one place on the coast at any one time. (More amazing than that, they had to close registration early because they reached capacity super quickly!)


I'm super keen for day two. I've been floating between the various groups helping out on some of the weaker parts in the beginner and advanced groups, and having fun sight reading times with the advanced group. It's so nice being around so many like minded people!