Vintage Peter Pan

According to one of my students I look like peter pan in this outfit. I like the challenge of gender, but I'm feeling more Captain Cook (with my frilly sleeves and pirate skirt) than Pan. 

I wore this outfit to a button collective gig, and then to school the next day. I've not worn the blouse for a while, and I actually felt fresh and inspired by the outfit (instead of feeling like I was wearing a uniform) 

So the gig I played with the Button Collective wasn't just ye olde run of the mill mid week gig. It was actually a live stream (Which you can watch here!) Being live streamed is really strange. We had a physical audience sitting in front of us, and joining that audience was a bunch of cameras, which created a digital audience as well, but one that we weren't aware of until after the event had passed. 

Lets leave the life stuff for a bit and talk about tights for a second. Specifically sheer tights (This little rant may have been spurred on by Annika Victoria's latest Video). As you've probably noticed I wear a lot of tights. I have many different patterns, colours and textures in my collection and all of my tights that aren't sheer last forever. 

Sheer tights however rarely survive more than two or three wears before they become holy and ascend to heaven. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but my tights alway start their ladders at the toes, specifically my big toe. Now, it may be longer than my other toes, but there's nothing especially sharp about my big toe that would cause tights to ladder. 

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt Home Made, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Coles, Shoes: so soft

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt Home Made, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Coles, Shoes: so soft

So anyway, after the first wear of a new pair of sheer tights, there's a small ladder and hole by my big toe (which has usually cut off a little bit of circulation my this time) Upon the removal of my shoes I study the ladder, and deem it small enough for the "clear nailpolish trick" (Basically you attack the ladder with clear nailpolish in an attempt to stop it from getting any worse) Usually this lets me wear the tights a couple more times before the ladders spread up the rest of my legs and it's time to mourn the loss. 

Despite this I keep coming back! Probably because of all the pretty awesome unique styles of sheer tights. 

Pirate Skirts and Power Trips

shoes I had a bit of a run in with a Transit officer on a power trip today, and it left me feeling completely humiliated, worthless, and very panic-y. Before I get into the details I will preface my experience with this:

1) I have a very large, yet irrational fear of "people in authority" (aka, police, transport officers, security guards etc) Whenever these types of people are around I get super panic-y  (I don't even have to have an interaction)I already struggle not to burst into tears when my train tickets get checked and I'm on my own, so the events that happened

2) I was in the wrong. The TLDR of my trip that day was my opal card came in the mail, and I thought "I'll buy a one way ticket, activate the opal card on the train, and use it on my way home" Because I'd gone through the ticket buying ritual, by the time I'd finished work I'd forgotten that I would need to use the opal as I only had a one way. It was a totally honest mistake, which would have been picked up by anyone looking at the situation logically.

3) When I activated my card, I put $20 of credit onto it, which was supposed to be ready to use in an hour, but for some reason wasn't. (There had been 3 hours between activation and my second trip)

full body 3

When the transport officers boarded my train and asked to see tickets I'd realised my stuff up, so I did what any normal person would do, I apologised profusely, explained my situation, and complied with the officers requests. Now, it's important to mention here I was already struggling to keep it together. I was shaking with fear, which made my movements slow and clumsy.

After taking my details, and looking at my one way ticket he asked if I had any proof that I'd activated my opal card today, pestering me to provide an email proving that I'd activated my card. I explained that I had not received an email, but I could log into the app, which I did, but because it was the mobile app it had limited information, only showing that I had put $20 on and it wasn't done processing. Now this is where I really felt threatened, he asked me to show that I had enough cash for the return trip, which I showed him. He then said "Now, what I think is that you didn't have enough money for the trip, so have decided to risk the journey without tapping on. Had you had enough cash on your opal card or person I would have let you off with a warning.", even though I'd shown that I had more than enough cash to pay for the return journey. By this time I was in tears and pretty useless because I was shaking so hard.

Throughout the whole ordeal he was blocking my exit, standing over me and using a very threatening, accusatory,  almost angry tone of voice. If I'd been insincere, unapologetic and rude to him the behaviour would have been appropriate.  I was at the complete opposite end of the behavourial spectrum. I was compliant, very apologetic (because I felt like a complete idiot for not tapping on) and, even though I lost my composure at the end, I was polite throughout the whole interaction.  He was also double my size, and using physically threatening body language.

full body

I just don't understand why I would be treated as if I was threatening and rude when I was showing all the signs of being compliant and feeling like an idiot because I'd made a stupid mistake. I get that he was doing his job, but I feel as though he overstepped some major boundaries. I also can't help but wonder if I wasn't quite so feminine, or so much smaller than him if I would have been treated differently, because lets be honest, it's much easier to be intimidating when the person you're intimidating has literally no power against you. This encounter also won't do anything for my irrational fear of authority figures.Sorry for the wall of text, I just needed to get this off my chest.

headshot glasses

On a slightly lighter note, this is what I wore on Sunday to my rehearsal with the New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance and Jazz Orchestra (I hope I got the title right. It's a bit of  a mouthful, so we all just call it The New Empire). We're currently putting together our sets for the Newcastle Jazz Festival, which is an event we play every year!

full body 2

Pirate Skirts, Gigs and Lots of Figs.

shoes I'm going to come out and say this now. This post has nothing to do with figs. I just wanted something in the title to rhyme with gigs, and it's the best I could come up with!

Vanishing Shapes opened of Asta last night and this is what I wore.

with coat

I really love wearing the I wore last night, but it's a bit of a pain. It's a very soft corset with very malleable boning, which likes to bend out of shape whenever you sit down/bend down/ do anything at all (hence why I usually don't wear it).



As I mentioned earlier, my band, Vanishing Shapes opened for Asta with another artist called Morgana Osaki. I'd not heard of either artist before booking the gig, and was really impressed with the performances both groups gave. It was a pretty strange lineup (going from prog folk, to chill indie/electro pop w Harp, then danceable indie) but despite the strangeness, it worked pretty well.

Holding skirt

(I'm going to preface my sub par concert photography with a warning: This is the first time I've ever used my camera at a gig, so I kind of yolo'd these photo's into existence and they turned out a little noisy. I learned quite a bit though, so the next time I play photographer my photos should be better. Hopefully.)

Morgana's set was very chill. Her and her band mate Huw (Who i didn't manage to get a decent photo of - boo) make haunting electro pop style beats. The harp sets their music apart from the other music they share the genera with. On a non music note, her dress was absolutely amazing. It was gold and fluffy in all the right places (and she had matching shoes). We've actually got a festival coming up with them in September. I'm looking forward to seeing their stuff again!

morgana Morgana 2

I think I must be living under some kind of rock, because Asta is pretty well known. Her set was super tight, and really well performed. (You can't see it in the pictures, but she had a full band with her. Their performance chemistry was great!) She had the crowd up dancing, and she too pulled some amazing dance moves (especially considering the amount of space she had to work with on the stage. There was so much gear and so many cables!). Again, on a non music note, her outfit was rather amazing. She had these amazing pants with a very interesting pattern of holes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture her full outfit as my dim light photography technique is non existent.

asta 2 asta

TLDR: Gig was good, clothes were good, all is good.