No longer a Thesis Hermit

shoes Guess what!? My thesis is finally done and dusted. I actually have time to do stuff like get dressed (ie: Not just throw on a dress and be done with it), shoot photo's, paint, practice non recital stuff, see people (write on my neglected internet spaces...) SO YES! You can expect more content/more clothes of my own creation from now on (because time is a thing I have access to)


Hands on Hips

I've not really talked about my thesis very much online, but now it's finished I think I'm ready to type a TLDR. The subject was :Advocating Solo Piccolo through Composition and Performance. Basically, the piccolo (aka tiny high pitched wooden flute) is not taken seriously as a solo instrument. I prefer playing piccolo over flute, and would like to be able to do recitals, so I took the first step in making this a thing by 1) analysing composition textbooks/compositions to define what makes a good composition for piccolo 2) composed a 35 minuite program of 5 works for the instrument and 3) performed them in a recital. My Dad was kind enough to film the recital for me, and hopefully I'll upload it in the near future. I'm also going to take a scary first step to being a proper composer type person and construct a web site over the summer break :s. If you're interested in reading my thesis/want to know more about/ play my compositions shoot me an email:

looking down

Speaking of music! During my absence I've played/found so much great music! I'll start with music from early November! My friend Louise released her first Ep: The anatomy of a wing. It's 6 tracks of folky/art music goodness, and was the sound track to many late night study sessions I had. Unfortunately She's not got it online for purchase yet, but if you send her a message through facebook, I'm sure you'll be able to get a copy :P I was lucky enough to be involved in her album launch, and had an absolute blast.

hand on hip details

The next super fun music type thing that happened was playing Mullumbimby Music Festival with The Button Collective. It was 3 crazy days of making music as a 6 piece (aka, the absolute best way to play with the button collective)/listening to music/ hanging out with the boys. I listened to so much great music over that weekend, but the standout band for me was Oh Pep! who are a folk - bluegrass band. Their composition style reminds me a ton of my favourite Math Rock band Maps and Atlases.

Midi crop

Finally, one of my favourite Sydney bands The Squeezebox Trio released their first album: And A Hotplate. They're a gypsy jazz band, with a core group of violin, guitar and piano accordion.  As well as being fabulous musicians, they're brilliant arrangers, and really bring new life to the jazz standards they play. The originals on the album are pretty darn brilliant as well (my personal favourite is the cider thief, and not just because of the story that goes along with it).

(Oh and I also Joined a Wind Quintet, because, you know, I don't play enough music :P You can check us out here if you're interested.)


As I mentioned earlier, while I was being a thesis hermit, I kind of stopped dressing like me, because my brain was just so full of junk and tiredness. I think I've well and truly come out of my fashion funk with this outfit! My Mum bought me the skirt and shoes as a "well done for surviving uni" Present. I bought the bolero from Lady Petrova when shapes visited Melbourne, and I got the shirt from the op shop! I made the belt out of flowers purchased from the fake flower shop near my house (which is a super weird, but really cool place)

hand in hair

It's really nice to be back. I've not done anything completely creative since the end of Septmeber/beginning of October. I'm sure I'll be able to keep up a better routine with all of my new found free time :D

I'm slowly turning into a pixie...


I feel as though I've been wearing rots of 'fairy'  clothing lately. Lots of lace and flowers.


I suppose I did have an excuse to be fairy like today. I was in one of my favourite opp shops when I stumbled upon the shirt I'm wearing. It's an off white cropped version of this dress.


My L. Mus exam is finally over. I won't find out the result for a few days, but I was happy with how I played. For those of you who don't know, an L. Mus is a crazy difficult music exam that you can sit to prove you can play your instrument to a high level.


I feel so free!