The Rhythm Hut

Shoes I did an exciting thing today. I went to the Rhythm Hut to pretend to be a photographer (Lets be honest, all of my good photos are a little fluke-y). My friend Lou is going to be doing a guest post here in a few days, so I went to take her outfit photos!


It was really fun photographing Lou. She has such a cool look, (and even though she doesn't think so) she's really photogenic! TLDR - keep your eyes pealed on facebook/instagram/twitter for guest post fun times!

Proped up against a wall

I decided to do take my outfit photo's at the hut, seeing as I was there in a beautiful space and with good company.

skirt twirl

They recently redecorated the deck, which is really sweet.


The shoes I wore today are ones I acquired recently from the op shop. If you've ever been op shopping with me, you'll know that I tend to always fall in love with shoes that are too small. This time the dream shoes fit. Now I know they look high, but the high is all platform. The actual arch height feels more like a small heel. I've also really been missing colour. I spent a good portion of last week gigging with the button collective, which was really fun, but it meant I was wearing a lot of brown and black (because that's part of the "uniform guidelines") so I had at it with the green today (and I'll probably spend the rest of this week in ridiculously bright colours)

Fire pit

Here's a preview of Lou's outfit for your viewing pleasure (You'll just have to keep your eyes peeled to this space so you can bask in her awesomeness asap!)



Jen and Lou