Playing Catch Up

shoes This is an outfit I wore almost exactly a week ago, which I haven't posted because 1)tech fails 2) life stuff.

without coat

My band had a photo shoot with Kingdom designs last week (He's the guys who shot the Sounds of Newcastle series which Vanishing Shapes was involved in), and this is what I wore. He's a really cool dude, and a really awesome photographer. We were actually quite lucky to nab him because a few days later he hopped on a plane to South Korea via Hong Kong (so he could visit family/do some study).


In other news, my apartment finally has internet!!!! it took us over a month, and made my upcoming phone bill really expensive, but it's here and we're using it :3

standing on bench

I still can't quite believe our time in the dark ages is over. It's so lovely not having to travel to use the internet!

portrait without coat