Bunnies, Bee's and Double Bows

wpid-c360_2015-01-21-18-35-04-006.jpg I think I finally lost it today. When I woke up and got dressed, the last thought I had about this outfit was "I need to pin another bow to the bow I have on the skirt because there's not enough bowage on this skirt"

I now present to you "Rabbit Skirt with Double Bow"


Apart from the double bow, I had an excellent day! I attended the first annual Flutation Summer School that Rosalie Bourne from Flute tutor Australia organised.http://www.flutetutor.com.au/


I've never seen so many flutes together in one place on the coast at any one time. (More amazing than that, they had to close registration early because they reached capacity super quickly!)


I'm super keen for day two. I've been floating between the various groups helping out on some of the weaker parts in the beginner and advanced groups, and having fun sight reading times with the advanced group. It's so nice being around so many like minded people!






image I'm starting to learn about lighting and how crap it can be in the sun during the middle of the day.


It took me so long to find a spot to position myself in that didn't make me look all washed out. (and by washed out I mean fluoro.)


I finally managed to sort of win against the shitty middle of the day sun though! (it might have been those instances when the sun went behind the clouds)


Lacy apples and shitty rail.

image I had a bit of a nightmare day today. My awful day was caused by Sydney trains inability to be able to string together a decent train service.


Anyway, let's not dwell on my public transport failure. (it's making me feel angry yo!)


One good thing that came of today was I got to have a good chat with my friend Joe.  He drove me to my car which was much faster than catching the super late train.


The icing on the cake as far as awful day are concerned was that maccas discontinued my favourite burger; the mc spicy.

I'm just glad that today is over and I can start fresh tomorrow

Chocolate chip icecream skirt


So I may have hit the sewing machine last night. That may have resulted in yet another icecream skirt. I may have made Rohan help me sequin it.


I also may have forgotten to change the white balance on my camera (although I kinda dig the results) 


Because of the colouring of the skirt I decided to style it in a steampunk-esque fashion. Underneath the skirt I'm wearing the new petticoat I made which consists of approximately 10 layers of tulle.


Dressing in a chocolatey manner also made me feel slightly better about my nutty day which consisted of two lessons, a recording session, presenting a seminar, teaching, and an orchestral rehearsal (I may or may not be typing this post during my tacet section....) 

Did I mention that my band got played on the radio Monday? My awesome friend Rachel Cox has a radio show in Bondi on a Monday morning, and my band made it into her top 3 favourite tracks of the week (here's the full write up: Link Yo) so yeah. Listen to her show if you need new music on your ipod because she has a brilliant taste in music!

Closet cleanouts


I procrastacleaned on Sunday. Once I had cleared out my closet I found this beautiful dress which I completely forgot I had.


My mum bought this dress for me from Alannah Hill about 3 years ago (before Alannah Hill stopped designing for the lable)  It's such a pretty floaty flouncy dress (and I might have flounced around all day :s)