Big Green Bows

 star shoes  green skirt This is the last item from my weekend sewing binge.

Home made skirt green big bow

I bought this fabric about 5 or 6 months ago, and I originally intended to create a pair of pleated high waisted shorts out of it.

Big green bow polkadot tights

Obviously that did not happen. Instead I made this skirt. It was partially inspired by a grey polkadot drop waisted dress with a giant bow by Alannah Hill.


The skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt with a gathered section in the lower portion of the dress. I made he skirt super flouncy (Because that's the way I roll.) I'm thinking maybe I'll have to compile a video of how swishy some of my skirts and dresses are (Comment or whatever if you want that to happen) because when I have a swishy skirt on, literally all I want to do all day is stand in front of a mirror and swish.

Also, just quickly, I reached 100 blog posts the other day (I totally missed it. I think this is post 103) so there's that. Thanks to everyone who reads/supports my blogs :) It means a lot :D

The skirt

Fairy Dress

Red Dr Martens I sewed a dress yesterday. Today I wore the dress that I sewed.

Home made fairy dress Dr Martens

This is the first dress I've made out of a non stretch fabric. I also drafted the pattern myself. I'm quite surprised it turned out this well. The last time I attempted to sew a dress from cotton, it didn't end to well (which is part of the reason I hardly sew dresses)

Velvet blazer forest little red riding hood

I suppose you'd call this type of dress a 'skater dress'. It has a fitted top, and the skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt. I've made the dress out of two layers of material. The inner layer is a floral printed cotton, and the outer layer is a sort of netting.


The frilly bits around the base of the dress were hand gathered, and then hand stitched around the base of the outer net layer of the dress. (never. again.(Although, in saying that, the gathered net frill is what turned this dress from an nice dress into a really nice dress))


If I had the choice, I would have used the machine to stitch the frill onto the bottom of the skirt, but unfortunately the net was super fragile, super stretchy and super uncooperative.




wpid-c360_2014-11-04-18-42-31-551.jpg Something I love about Spring/Summer is how long the sun stays out. Because it stayed out until about 7pm, I was able to return to the boardwalk after my last student for the day.


Unfortunately, with spring/summer (because lets face it, in Australia we don't really have spring) comes mosquitoes. I got bitten alive on the boardwalk :( (Although, the photo's were totally worth it)





Lacy apples and shitty rail.

image I had a bit of a nightmare day today. My awful day was caused by Sydney trains inability to be able to string together a decent train service.


Anyway, let's not dwell on my public transport failure. (it's making me feel angry yo!)


One good thing that came of today was I got to have a good chat with my friend Joe.  He drove me to my car which was much faster than catching the super late train.


The icing on the cake as far as awful day are concerned was that maccas discontinued my favourite burger; the mc spicy.

I'm just glad that today is over and I can start fresh tomorrow

Pleated apples


I had a pretty lazy day today. It was nice. I've been so busy for so long, it was weird being able to relax without feeling guilty.


Anyway, this is what I wore today!


I bought this skirt from danger field about 3 year ago, but never wore it because I was going through a very heavily lolita clothing inspired thing with the way I dressed, and literally wore a petticoat under everything (basically, if I couldn't wear a petticoat under the dress/skirt it wouldn't get worn)


Anyway, after years of this skirt sitting there being amazing, I finally decided to wear it!