What even is talent anyway

shoes Something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately is the idea of talent. To be talented is to have a natural aptitude or skill. This word is often used to describe creatives, especially successful creatives, and in some ways implies an entitlement to that creative success.

front away

As someone who creates a lot of different things, I have been described as "talented"(side note, this is not a descriptor which comes to mind when I think about how I describe myself), but really, looking back on my artistic journey, and the artistic journey of my peers, talent has played a very minimal part in any success we may have had.


Personally, I grew up in a middle class house hold with no siblings, and two parents who are creative, and encouraged my creativity, and funded a well rounded musical education. They provided (and still provide) unending encouragement and  support. Without their passion for the arts, and their encouragement there is no way I would have ended up as a professional musician. I personally have also put in countless hours of work to develop my skills. Basically without the resources and drive, this "natural aptitude" I have for the arts wouldn't nearly be as refined.


I suppose it's why I always feel super uncomfortable whenever someone goes on about my "talent" (as I said before, it implies I am entitled to any creative success I've had). I don't deserve any creative success I've had, I've just been lucky to stumble upon a set of fortunate circumstances.

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Taking the focus off my personal experiences, I've observed a few peers reach creative success, who were not described as talented through much of my compulsory education. These people are exceptional at their craft, and have worked very hard to get where they were, despite lacking that early "talent" descriptor.


I feel like the idea of talent, especially when describing small children, is one that places limitations on some, whilst removing those same limitations for others. It's for this reason I do not use the talented descriptor when talking to/about my students. Instead I prefer to describe them as displaying potential. When my students do well, instead of telling them how great they are, I commend their hard work, because, at the end of the day, having raw talent without hard work and a bit of luck rarely reaps creative rewards.


Let's take the focus away from teaching for a bit and talk about this idea of talent when it comes to making clothes. I can't tell you the amount of times I've had a conversation about the construction of a skirt I've made which ends with the other party lamenting their lack of talent, implying that sewing is either a skill you have, or don't have, rather than a skill that can be learned by anyone.

shoe details

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that talent isn't a prerequisite for being creative, nor does the possession of talent make anyone entitled to creative success.

Pinocchio Candy Stripes

wpid-c360_2015-01-04-18-25-03-536.jpg The one thing I love the most about Summer is how long the days are. I tend to be a bit of a night owl, so the longer the sun stays out the better.


I haven't always felt this way about Summer daylight hours. I can remember when I was 6 feeling annoyed that I had to be put to bed when the sun was still out because when the sun is out it's still day, and daytime is for play, not for sleep (my bedtime was 6:00 back then).


Over the last week or so I've noticed the sun setting a little earlier than it has been. I always have felt sad about this change in daylight hours. I do not enjoy winter. I find it cold and bitter. I hate the cold, I hate the rain, and I hate the dreary grey clouds. When the sky is chock full of drab, grey clouds, the world looses brightness and colour. The sun setting earlier is a very obvious and small reminder that winter is coming. (I know it's technically not coming for like 6 months, but, last year the temperature change/ overcast days came prematurely)


It also means I'm overestimating how long I can leave shooting my outfit, causing terrible lighting situations (Sorry!)

Some new things


Hello there! I've done a thing to make my blog slightly more legit, and I'm now on a self hosted site (Hence the new layout, and that I'm now theemeraldryby.com instead of .wordpress.com :D )

I've been thinking about making the switch for ages, and recently took the jump (After much prodding from reddit (Thanks reddit))



As lovely as my new internet space is, setting it up wasn't much fun. I ended up going with a company called digital ocean, and their "how to make your website work" tutorials are not the easiest to follow (Read, it took me 5 hours, when it should have taken me 1) But its done now.




I've been looking at a lot of fairy kei clothing and outfit inspiration lately. (Probably why I ended up in a fairy kei outfit today)


Also, it may or may not have been raining while I took these photos...


Market madness


I participated in the Davistown markets today. It was a long, but great day.

My friend Ashley let me tack onto her stall



It was a pretty quiet day, and I didn't sell many pieces (I sold two pieces. Of those my mum bought one (I don't think it really counts if your mum buys it)) but it was ultimately a good experience. It's given me the motivation to revive the etsy store I started (I'll post a link once I get this up and running!)

Anyway, enough about markets! This is what I wore today.


I figured because it was a 'seaside' market that I'd go with something 'sea'  themed.


All in all it was a good day!

Musical madness

image Once again, I have forgotten to photograph my shoes, but I have this brilliant photo of my bandmate Nick to take its place!


This is what I wore Thursday! Unfortunately the pictures turned out a little bright due to me not being used to the new lighting rules that come with a decent camera. Despite this I still kind of like them (especially when it allows me to do ridiculous edits like this one)