South Coast Adventures

wpid-pict_20150403_170456.jpg Guess what I'm doing right now. Posting from a place that isn't my house because I'm on a holiday! (well, technically speaking. I'm still doing my uni work/ flute/ piccolo practice, I'm just not doing it at home)


I'm staying in some Cabins with my parents and friend Katherine in the town of Kiama, which is like 2ish 3 ish hours from Sydney. My parents came down yesterday, and Katherine and I came down today (I couldn't move work, which is why I came down later)


We had quite the adventure getting to our destination, all caused by Sydney Trains Technological and scheduling incompetence (Being a public holiday, you generally expect some public transport failures, but what happened today was a bit ridiculous) . We hopped on our train at Pointclare station (which was already running late), then we were delayed at Hornsby. Now, our train was meant to Terminate at Central, which would allow us to simply leave our train, walk to the other platform and continue on our journey. We did not end up at Central. We ended up Olympic Park, which is nowhere near Central Station, then the train that was going from Olympic park to Central was 7 mins late.


Anyway, despite the difficulties we had getting down, we're here now.

One last thing, if you're in Sydney Thursday next week, my band has a gig at Symposium Bar, which is in Chippendale. Here's the event page: Hope to see you there!