Yellow Turtle Necks, Tea Cup Skirts and Stripey Socks

shoes Today was a good day. It was spent at Tim's place with Vanishing Shapes, rehearsing and recording with a friend of mine and her music production group. We spent a good portion of the day recording 4 tracks for their assignment (which will be doubling as the demo recording for the EP we're recording in September)

holding skirt ouidt

The group were fabulous to work with. They were super prepared, quick to set up and pack up, and really cool peeps to hang with. We did a stereo acoustic recording, which was a different experience for us. The last time we recorded we each had individual mics, which meant individual mistakes/balance errors could be fixed in post. With the type of recording did today, it was important for the performance to be near perfect, as the microphones were capturing the ensemble as a whole.  I'm really looking forward to hearing the finished recordings.

full body

This is what I wore today. I'd thrifted this turtleneck a while ago, but wasn't sure how to style it. I rediscovered it in the move, and now I know exactly how to wear it! :D I'm pretty tired, so I'll leave you all with the rest of the images from my shoot today :).

IMG_5209 headshot hands on hip full body w coat