Tiny Owl Forest

Boy has it been an eventful few days. I'm not one to seek out adventure, but when you're a musician adventure seems to seek you out, particularly if you're the type of musician who tends to play their fair share of festivals and go on their fair share of tours. 

Skirt Spread .jpg

I've spent the time just between Christmas and now travelling to Byron Bay Falls festival to play gigs with the Button Collective, finding out my tiny dog noodle went missing and being unable to do anything about it because I was away (It's all good now, she was returned to us by a very kind couple), dropping my partner at the airport, sleeping in a backpackers in surfers paradise so I could do an enormous amount of washing following my tent/possessions getting drenched in a Byron Bay storm, and finally starting the Vanishing Shapes summer tour. 

To hte side.jpg

These past few weeks have been very up and down, and I miss home a lot (although a bit less now that I'm not on my own anymore) It's interesting seeing these photos so long after I took them, particularly after the home sickness I've been feeling. I remember stressing a lot about the concept of being away from home for a month while taking these, desperately trying to prepare all of the tech items/non tech items I would need to continue my various creative projects as normal. 

To the front.jpg

Like this time last year, I'm taking photos of every outfit I'm wearing whilst of tour. It helps me maintain a bit of a schedule, and normality, so stay tuned for that! :) 

Vintage Peter Pan

According to one of my students I look like peter pan in this outfit. I like the challenge of gender, but I'm feeling more Captain Cook (with my frilly sleeves and pirate skirt) than Pan. 

I wore this outfit to a button collective gig, and then to school the next day. I've not worn the blouse for a while, and I actually felt fresh and inspired by the outfit (instead of feeling like I was wearing a uniform) 

So the gig I played with the Button Collective wasn't just ye olde run of the mill mid week gig. It was actually a live stream (Which you can watch here!) Being live streamed is really strange. We had a physical audience sitting in front of us, and joining that audience was a bunch of cameras, which created a digital audience as well, but one that we weren't aware of until after the event had passed. 

Lets leave the life stuff for a bit and talk about tights for a second. Specifically sheer tights (This little rant may have been spurred on by Annika Victoria's latest Video). As you've probably noticed I wear a lot of tights. I have many different patterns, colours and textures in my collection and all of my tights that aren't sheer last forever. 

Sheer tights however rarely survive more than two or three wears before they become holy and ascend to heaven. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but my tights alway start their ladders at the toes, specifically my big toe. Now, it may be longer than my other toes, but there's nothing especially sharp about my big toe that would cause tights to ladder. 

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt Home Made, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Coles, Shoes: so soft

Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt Home Made, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Coles, Shoes: so soft

So anyway, after the first wear of a new pair of sheer tights, there's a small ladder and hole by my big toe (which has usually cut off a little bit of circulation my this time) Upon the removal of my shoes I study the ladder, and deem it small enough for the "clear nailpolish trick" (Basically you attack the ladder with clear nailpolish in an attempt to stop it from getting any worse) Usually this lets me wear the tights a couple more times before the ladders spread up the rest of my legs and it's time to mourn the loss. 

Despite this I keep coming back! Probably because of all the pretty awesome unique styles of sheer tights. 

Blue Coats and Button Collections


I've just had 3 full days of music. I listened to some of it, and some of it  I created with other people. Between it all I started painting a series of tiny planets (Which you can see on my instagram) I feel well and truly creatively filled. (and it also seems I've lost the ability to type properly. I keep typing all the wrong words (not just misspellings) none of which you'll get to see, because I'll do all of the editing)


My music filled weekend started as it always does, with a Vanishing Shapes rehearsal. We're still in writing mode, which is fabulous. So far we've written a new song, re written a song, and jammed out a couple of new ones which is hella fun! This rehearsal also continued Saturday morning (basically I had about 6 hours making shapely music across 2 days) for those of you who are interested, our next gig is on the 30th of May  at Church of Groove with Bud Petal! It's going to be a super fun evening (and we'll be playing our new songs :D)

Friday evening we went on a band outing to the Lass for the Main Guy and The Other Guys ep launch. Man, it was so packed. I don't think I've ever seen it so packed, it was great. The new EP is fabulous. It's well written, well performed, and completely hilarious in only a way The Main Guy and the Other Guys are. If you're curious about what they sound like, you can listen to them here

I also kind of completely fell in love with the band that opened for them. They're a quartet called the Squeezbox trio, and are gypsy jazz at it's best. All 4 members are brilliant musicians, and great performers as well. You can listen to them here.


So as I mentioned earlier, Saturday started out with a V Shapes rehearsal. Once we'd finished, I made the trek out to Morpeth for their annual Chapel Jazz concert. It was so much fun. We played 3 sets of 1920's Jazz to a great crowd in a beautiful church (which had exquisite acoustics) This was our first concert of the year, and man, I've missed doing Jazz performances. We've got a few more coming up soon though, which is fun.

Zappo (which is one of my favourite Newcastle Bands) released their first ever song on Saturday too! I don't have enough words to describe exactly how much I love their music, so I'll just link you, and you can partake it their awesomeness.


And now to today. I travelled to Sydney today to rehearse with The Button Collective, because I've kind of sort of joined the ranks of their sometimes musicians. These guys are just brilliant, and playing their music is so much fun. I feel like I've had way more than one proper rehearsal with them (which is great considering my first gig with them is tomorrow night at Corridor)

I kind of also stole their backyard to take my photos in today...

So yeah, I've had a little bit of a creative weekend.