On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

wpid-pict_20150429_155402.jpg If you've been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed that I don't have much pink in my wardrobe. It's not that I have an aversion to pink, I just don't particularly like the style/cut of many pink clothes.


This outfit formed in my head yesterday afternoon. I'd just found this amazing hello kitty cardigan in one of my favourite thrift shops, then a sparkly woven belt in my favourite vintage shop. I have had the materials for another pom pom skirt sitting in my room for about a week (I was too tired/busy to sew it together straight away) After my finds yesterday I decided to use it as my assignment doing break. (I did some assignment then did some sewing - then washed, rinsed and repeated till my skirt was done and my assignment was almost finished.)


I have totally been walking around all day feeling like fairy floss (pastel pinks do this to me yo!) I've also been struggling not to swish my skirt all day (It's super full, and therefore super swishy - a very dangerous combination when you're slightly hyperactive from exhaustion)


I think I'm definitely going to make more pink things. I really enjoyed wearing it the colour today (plus it would look super good with all of the mint things I have in my wardrobe)


Bright oranges and pastely goodness feat. Jens top 10 underrated Youtubers


If you don't live along the East Coast of NSW, you may not know about the hellish weather we've had the past couple of days. There's been flash flooding, heavy rain and cyclonic winds so severe that education institutions across the Hunter and down to the Illawarra region have been closed (including my Uni, which means I haven't been at work, nor have I been at uni). My house has fared fairly well. We've been lucky enough to retain our power and phone lines, and as far as water damage is concerned, we've only had minor damage done to our fence.


Being so cooped up (and living in my pj's) for a day and a half had me itching to wear proper/ bright clothes, so that's exactly what I did. I decided to wear a slight varition of an outfit I wore last week for 2 reasons: 1) I couldn't photograph it properly because lighting and 2) the colours are a mixture of super bright and pastel, solving my hankering for bright colours caused by the weather, and solving my hankering for pastel goodness caused by CupCakesClothes, Mermaidens, Kate Gabrielle, and a whole host of new people I'm following on Instagram.


Something I've been wanting to do for a while is create a top 10 list of underrated people on Youtube. Not many people know this, but I'm an avid watcher of Youtube, and have been since like 2008. I watch so.many.people. many of which don't have many subscribers/who are much less popular than a similar youtuber who does what they do less well. Seeing as I'm on a real "support all the artists I can" kick, I thought I would bring you my current "Top 10 youtubers I think are terribly underrated and who you should totally check out if you like youtube" (for the purposes of this list, I will be calling "underrated" any youtuber with less than 100,000 subscribers) So, in no particular order:

1) Meow It's Lucy: Is an English vlogger who vlogs about stuff. Sometimes it's life stuff, sometimes it's learning stuff, but no matter what the topic, she's always delightful and conversational. I also have a touch of fringe envy because her fringe is amazingly thick and always neat/evenly cut (and never in her eyes!)

2) Abb3rz07: Is an American vlogger who (again) vlogs about stuff. She tends to mostly vlog about music (she's highly involved as an audience member/photographer/critic in the Seattle music scene, which is so totally cool) , feminism, makeup/beauty/fashion with a touch of life stuff as well.

3) A Con Mann: Aka Conner Manning is someone who I've only just started watching. When I found him I may have binge watched most of the video's on his channel. He tends to vlog about serious stuff in an almost stand up way (his tone is usually a bit more serious, but he seems to take delivery cues from that particular performance technique). It is always a delight to be able to delight in his progressive views on life/gender/sexuality/mental disorders, and his videos are always incredibly well researched.

4) Choncey Boddington: Is a booktuber by description, but does not only vlog about books. She's highly intelligent and has a brilliant conversational tone surrounding her videos. She's recently be vlogging less about books and more about life stuff, but books have always (and will probably always) be the center of her focus.

5) It's A Me, Myleo: Is what I'll call a comedic life vlogger. His filming and topics mostly come from stuff that's happened, and are always talked about in a hilariously sarcastic way. Some of my favourite videos are from when he and Old Hot Radio hang out/collaborate as they share the same sarcastic comedy tone.


6) Elmify: Has that sort of big sistery type thing going on. I started watching her when I was in year 11, and am always excited when one of her sporadic videos land in my sub box (She's also a host on How To Adult, and as much as I love those video, they're just not the same). She's also a comedic life vlogger, with her approach being an almost sketch like take on the medium.

7) Marina Shut up:is my favourite sarcastic, Daria-esque feminist vlogger. She's recently started doing a series called "feminist fridays" (which I've shared across social media on several occasions). I love her videos. They're always really well researched and informative, and really great if you're only just getting into feminism.

8) Mr Nee Naw: is a great all rounder. He does sketches and vlogs and is really great at whatever medium he chooses. He doesn't post as much as he used to, but is still brilliant regardless.

9) Sam Chaplinify: Is basically a more serious Conner Manning with a non fixed camera angle. I love his conversational vlogging style, and he is always sincere and well informed.

10) Ophellia Dagger: Aka Old Hot Radio is an English Vlogger (I'd even go so far as to say commedian) who is hilarious and brilliant. (I may have said in no particular order at the top of my list, but I have definitely saved the best for last). She tends to have a sarcastic style of comedy, and is just so very captivating.

BONUS LIST: These channels have over 100000 Subs, but I still think they should be way more popular than they are:

11) Mike Falzone: Is a stand up comedian come vlogger, who has quite an original take on a "standard" format. He somehow manages to capture everything i love about standup, and apply it to the vlog format without loosing what I love so much about the typical "vlog".  He also performs live regularly (which is brilliant, but makes me a tad sad, seeing as he only performs in not Australia)

12) Sexplanations: is my favourite education channel on Youtube. It's basically everything you should have been taught in sex ed in an indepth and supportive manner. Dr Doe has this brilliant way of taking the gross and the shame out of sex ed, instead replacing it with support and understanding. She also answers viewer questions on a semi regular basis.

13) Agent XPQ: Aka Tales of Mere Exsistance is a cartoonist who presents his videos in an incredibly unique fashion. I'd call his style Narrated live comic strip, as he draws part of each cell on a translucent piece of paper, and narrates his videos in post production. There was a point in year 12 where I had all of this videos downloaded to my laptop so I could watch/show them to people at my leisure. (This was before 3g and wifi were completely abundent)


I hope you check out these youtubers. They're all kind of sort of completely amazing, and it would be lovely to see them get more support :)