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Boy has it been an eventful few days. I'm not one to seek out adventure, but when you're a musician adventure seems to seek you out, particularly if you're the type of musician who tends to play their fair share of festivals and go on their fair share of tours. 

Skirt Spread .jpg

I've spent the time just between Christmas and now travelling to Byron Bay Falls festival to play gigs with the Button Collective, finding out my tiny dog noodle went missing and being unable to do anything about it because I was away (It's all good now, she was returned to us by a very kind couple), dropping my partner at the airport, sleeping in a backpackers in surfers paradise so I could do an enormous amount of washing following my tent/possessions getting drenched in a Byron Bay storm, and finally starting the Vanishing Shapes summer tour. 

To hte side.jpg

These past few weeks have been very up and down, and I miss home a lot (although a bit less now that I'm not on my own anymore) It's interesting seeing these photos so long after I took them, particularly after the home sickness I've been feeling. I remember stressing a lot about the concept of being away from home for a month while taking these, desperately trying to prepare all of the tech items/non tech items I would need to continue my various creative projects as normal. 

To the front.jpg

Like this time last year, I'm taking photos of every outfit I'm wearing whilst of tour. It helps me maintain a bit of a schedule, and normality, so stay tuned for that! :) 

January Tour catchup Part Two

Here are the next 5 outfits of the summer tour I did with Vanishing Shapes. It's interesting how quickly one ceases to remember fine details when you're removed from an event/series of events for a period of time. Basically I can't remember the finer details of what happened on our tour the days these photos were taken because so much has happened since returning. 

Over the last few days I've also had  a ton of stuff to talk about, but now I've forgotten, so I'm just going to post the photos and let it be. 

Day 9 Looking Down.jpg

Let the January catch up begin

Somehow I managed to photograph every outfit bar one (the very last one) on this tour. Some of the photo's aren't great, but w/e, it's the outfit that counts right? I'm going to post these a few at a time so I don't overwhelm you all, and then maybe in the last post I'll talk about what makes a tour dress so great. 

Day 1: Bellengin

We played at a place called 5 Church street the evening these photos were taken. It's this cute little restaurant/cafe type place, and always great to play. We also get to see band parents when we play here, as our guitarist and bassist parents live close. 

Day 2/3 Mullumbimby/Byron

So, I completely failed at focusing this shot :S oh well, it happens. The rest are better I promise. I wore this dress for two days. The first day we drove from Bello to Mullum and camped along the side of the river. The second day I wore this was spent trying to find a more "permanent" campsite. (We ended up camping in the backyard of one of our house concert hosts)

Day 4: Byron 

This was a big busking day for us. We spent a majority of the day, then part of the evening playing music on the streets of byron. It was super fun, but knocked the socks off us.  My scalp also got burnt :( 

Day 5: 

After the burning of my scalp the first byron day, I ended up nicking Jake's hat on this day. It actually looked super cute with this dress. For the band, this was a day off. From memory I ended up painting and beading on this day.

Day 6: Byron Bay

This was another big busking day for us. We loitered around Byron until about 4:00, then hit the streets with our instruments and sound gear. Surprisingly we managed to attract a decent crowd, so it was basically a gig but without the venue! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the outfits! 

Fairy Skort

Shoes I ended up sewing again last night. I made another pair of circle skorts!

Looking to the side

I used this oily rainbow fabric I got from hobby sew (which is a quilting specialty store)

Fabric Details

I really wanted it to have pockets (but I'm pretty lazy about making "proper pockets" so I made these heart pockets.

Heart Pocket


Skirt Details

This shirt I paired it with was the other op shop find from my trip to Newtown. It's such a soft comfy shirt.


Posts will be a bit light from now on. I'm going on tour with the Button Collective, which means I'll have limited access to my wardrobe and the internet. I'll be sure to post outfits when I can :D!

Head ShotI hope you all have a merry christmas :D

Good intentions

shoes If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have noticed that I've not been anywhere near home for the past two weeks. Instead I've been traversing the south east corner of Australia with my band on our very first tour! Before I left I had some good intentions. I planned to line up some guest posts so ye olde blog wouldn't collect cobwebs. I intended to get my uni work done and I intended to get super organised when I got home. None of these things happened. Whoops.


These photo's come to you in several sets. This first set of photo's was the last outfit I wore to uni before semester break. I don't remember what day it was, or what I was doing, but upon reflection, I like the ensemble I put together.

Sitting by the fountain crossed standing by the fountain

My life kinda sorta fell to pieces after that day (in the best way possible). I participated in a flute workshop with Tim Munroe, then a few days later holed up in grove studio's with Vanishing Shapes and Jack Tuckerman to record an EP! Day one was really full on, so I didn't take any pictures (we recorded the bulk of the audio then). Day 2 was a little more laid back, so I took some happy snaps.

Clarinet PLaying BO Mic-ing Up BO Pointing BO

The day after we recorded, we left for our tour. The first stop was Wollombi Music Festival. It was wet, and slightly cold, but really fun. Tour stop 2 was Sydney, which despite being in a tiny loud pub was actually pretty fun. After Sydney was Melbourne via Woodonga. We camped on the Murry River for two nights between our Sydney and Melbourne gigs. These photo's are all from night two.

Rough Night BO Sittin' BO String Sectional  BO

One of the weirdest/coolest things about being down south was the sun sets. The place I live is surrounded by hills, meaning the sun stops being visible long before golden hour (I'd often try and shoot during golden hour, only to get disappointed that it was fairly pathetic). The place we camped was fairly flat, so when it was time for the sun to set, the bush was lit by this brilliant yellow glow.

Lighting The Bush On Fire BO Fool's Gold BO Gold Showers BO YES Bo

We were met with spectacular views in the evening as well. We had a huge bright moon, and once it had risen, a fog rolled in across the river. The air was super still as well, giving me the perfect opportunity to play with long exposures. (A long exposure is when you leave the shutter on the camera open for an extended period of time. I used a 15 second shutter for each of these images.)

Wave Two BO Tree Long BO Tree BO River Bank BO Fence BO Camping BO

After Albury I didn't really take many photos. We had a whirlwind journey playing in Melbourne two nights in a row, then busking and gigging in Canberra. (We managed to get caught up in a marriage equality rally as well which was super cool.)

We made so many new friends and stayed with some really cool people (Thankyou so much to Jake's Parents, Katie and Trent, Julie and Chris and Angus+Housemates for letting a bunch of crazy folk musicians stay with you!).

It should be business as usual from here on out (at least until summer.)