Space Cat.

Shoes A decent portion of this weekend was spent in Boudi National Park with my Dad painting.

staring off into space

We started these paintings at the beginning of July, but didn't have time to finish them until today.

Dad Painting

We had brilliant weather for it as well. The sun was out, and it was fairly warm. All of these photo's were taken at yesteday's painting session. (except the photo of my finished work. That was taken today. I didn't manage to get it finished yesterday!)


For those of you who have never done landscape painting before, it is important to note that it's quite harsh on your body. You sit still for extended periods of time in the same position, usually on a fairly uncomfortable surface. Because of this, it's important to wear comfy clothes.

space cat

I definitely wore comfy clothes. The coat I had on was loose and warm, the space cat shirt was soft and warm, the skirt was soft, my socks were thick ish and my shoes were supportive.

coat and stuff

As well as being super comfy for painting, my outfit was kind of inspired by the blogger Groove Bunny .Her outfits always look so adorable but comfy (which is what I was going for.)

Necklace Details

The space cat shirt was actually Rohan's shirt, but he washed it wrong, and it shrunk, so now it's mine :3. I've been wearing it heaps as a kind of pyjama-y comfy shirt because it's super soft and super warm.

full body no coat

with coat

So yeah, here's my finished piece. I used watercolour on smooth 300gsm watercolour paper, and used Windsor and Newton Watercolours. Watercolour is definitely my favourite medium at the moment. I really enjoy how it behaves on paper. Dad didn't get his finished today, so we'll need to go back again in the next few weeks. (he's using acrylic paint, which behaves quite differently as far as speed of painting goes) I'll be sure to post a photo of his finished work when it's done.


Orange Bush Painting

Shoes My Dad and I had a landscape painting sesh on Sunday. We painted what we could see of maitland band from the natural lookout at the top of the path. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish our works as the cold got the better of us, but we've got tentative plans to finish the works at a later date within the next few weeks.


This is what I wore. Basically my prerogative with the outfit was "warm and comfy as possible" which I definitely achieved. Only thing I was missing was fingerless gloves (which is why the cold won out. My phalanges couldn't hold the brush without cold pain) I've really been digging watercolour as a medium as of late, which is what I ended up using. My dad is using acrylics for his painting.

painting with Dad

Speaking of art, I've been posting a lot of my stuff to instagram at the moment (which you should totally check out. There's a link in my sidebar.) I'll probably post a photo of my painting and my Dad's once they're done.

Hand throught hair

June Favourites

shoes It's that time of the month! I'mma share all of my favourite artists/musicians/performers/culture things :D

twirling sans jacket

First up, we've got Furry Little Peach who is a Sydney based watercolour artist. I've really been enjoying her instagram posts as of late (she's putting together an exhibition featuring cacti). I'd love to post an image of her work, but unfortunately wordpress is being a butt, so if you're curious about her work, you'll just have to click the link yo!

Dropping skirt - I've posted about Milly before (we had a sewing evening last year, and posted heaps cute photos of what we made) She's finally started blogging again, so you should totes check her out. (She's also an artist, and has really cool work on her instagram / etsy. I'm going to assume those links are on her blog...)


I've been listening to fleet foxes a lot lately. They've been chilling on my ipod for ages, but up until June, I've only really half listened to them. Their music is stunning, from the instrumentation, to the vocal harmonies, even their stage manner (I may have binge watched some live footage on youtube recently)


My last cultural favourite for this month is a venue I played at with Button Collective. It's a fairly new space called GUT. It's an intimate space created by a bunch of people who are really into live music and art, so they've dedicated part of their living space to supporting the arts. If you live in Sydney, I highly suggest you keep an eye on this space. It's super cool, and will only survive if passionate people support it.

So those are my favourite cultural things for this month. Hope you have fun checking them out :D