Comfort Greens

(As per usual) life has been a tad hectic lately. I had gigs with the Button Collective in Sydney/Canberra Thursday and Friday, then spent 6 hours on a bus to/from my rehearsal with Shapes. Sunday was a bit quieter as I went landscape painting with Dad (But, for anyone that's not done landscape painting, it requires a lot of concentration/brain power) Here's an ok photo of what I ended up painting

I've actually been doing a boat load of painting recently (particularly over the last few days - I may have been bombarding my instagram with my work :s) 

It's really odd (in a good way) to be able to fully realise the images I can see in my head. I can remember being 5 and having the ideas, but not the fine motor skills to be able to fully realise my ideas. Even throughout highschool my work was pretty hit and miss. Looking back on it, it was a combination of not using the right medium for me, not understanding the medium I was using, and not practicing enough because of the crazy amount of flute I was doing. 

I took an elective in my last year at uni which was called "introduction to 2D studies". It was a pretty non course, but provided me with a valuable epiphany. We were doing a still life on canvas using acrylics, and I kept watering mine down until they were basically behaving like watercolours. Unless it's a 3D project, I pretty much exclusively work in watercolour. 

I love the way watercolour is predictably unpredictable. You don't just put down pigment and have that be the end. You can alter block colours by adding water/pigment to make the colours run. You can revive colours that have already been applied/dried and change their drying pattern. When creating a wash, applying the pigment or the water first creates a ginormous difference. 

I've got two pallets and a couple of tubes that I use for doing the thing. The first good quality watercolours I purchased were the Windsor and Newton Cotman watercolours. Eckersleys was having a sale, and the set was dramatically reduced and came with a whole bunch of "basic" colours. The other pallet I have is full of half pans I've purchased individually (mostly Windsor and Newton, just because that's what my local art supply store stocks). I've also got 2 tubes of wet watercolour and 1 tube of Gouache. I've got a tube of Prussian blue (because it's the colour I use most) and a tube of Daniel Smith Extra fine Interference green (Because it's a sparkly semi transparent duochrome and makes highlight pop). The tube of Gouache I have is white. I use this for details, as it's opaque (white watercolour doesn't yield the same results as Gouache).

Seeing as I've been really happy with the quality of my work, I've made a society 6. I've got a few pieces there already, and have a bunch more I need to digitise/upload. If you want to see my paintings as they're produced, my instagram is where the magic happens! 

Jumper: Thrifted, Shirt: Cotton On Belt: Alannah Hill, Skort: Home Made, Socks: Gifted, Shoes: Dr Martens. 

Jumper: Thrifted, Shirt: Cotton On Belt: Alannah Hill, Skort: Home Made, Socks: Gifted, Shoes: Dr Martens. 

Space Cat.

Shoes A decent portion of this weekend was spent in Boudi National Park with my Dad painting.

staring off into space

We started these paintings at the beginning of July, but didn't have time to finish them until today.

Dad Painting

We had brilliant weather for it as well. The sun was out, and it was fairly warm. All of these photo's were taken at yesteday's painting session. (except the photo of my finished work. That was taken today. I didn't manage to get it finished yesterday!)


For those of you who have never done landscape painting before, it is important to note that it's quite harsh on your body. You sit still for extended periods of time in the same position, usually on a fairly uncomfortable surface. Because of this, it's important to wear comfy clothes.

space cat

I definitely wore comfy clothes. The coat I had on was loose and warm, the space cat shirt was soft and warm, the skirt was soft, my socks were thick ish and my shoes were supportive.

coat and stuff

As well as being super comfy for painting, my outfit was kind of inspired by the blogger Groove Bunny .Her outfits always look so adorable but comfy (which is what I was going for.)

Necklace Details

The space cat shirt was actually Rohan's shirt, but he washed it wrong, and it shrunk, so now it's mine :3. I've been wearing it heaps as a kind of pyjama-y comfy shirt because it's super soft and super warm.

full body no coat

with coat

So yeah, here's my finished piece. I used watercolour on smooth 300gsm watercolour paper, and used Windsor and Newton Watercolours. Watercolour is definitely my favourite medium at the moment. I really enjoy how it behaves on paper. Dad didn't get his finished today, so we'll need to go back again in the next few weeks. (he's using acrylic paint, which behaves quite differently as far as speed of painting goes) I'll be sure to post a photo of his finished work when it's done.