Sea Creatures

wpid-pict_20150301_162058.jpg You're probably going to be seeing this carpark quite a bit over the next few weeks. I'm in the Orchestra for the Gosford Musical Societies rendition of Pirates of penzance, meaning that all of my outfit photo's will probably be taken hastily before a performance.


I think considering the theme of the musical (Spoiler Alert, it's got pirates in it) I think my apparel was very appropriate.


The head band I wore today is actually a necklace my mum gave me ages ago. It's very beautiful, but very annoying to wear, so I never wear it. I decided to try it as a head piece today because it's the same colour as my skirt/has a very sea creature esque appearance. (I held it in place with many bobby pins!)

I'll definitely wear it as head gear again! It was pretty comfy, and didn't get tangled in my hair.


A Whale of a time

wpid-pict_20150219_174844.jpg I had a massive sewing day on Wednesday this week. Apart from running errands and teaching, I pretty much sewed without a break from 10 am through to 1am the next day. I made two items of clothing; the whale skirt I wore yesterday, and another item of clothing which you'll get to see tomorrow!

My sewing binge was spurred on by my excitement about getting to teach at a new school. I wanted something new and fun to wear. I think a whale skirt with heart pockets covers all those bases!


After work yesterday I met up with 4/5ths of my band for some radio interviews which was pretty exciting. We recorded one with the local ABC for this morning, and we recorded one with Coast fm for tomorrow morning. We've not done radio as a band before, but it was pretty fun.


One last thing! If you're in Sydney this evening, you should totally come to our gig with Baltic Barmitzvah at Mr Falcons in Glebe! We've recently been working with a new member, and this will be his first big gig with us :D