Green Hair, Don't Care

wpid-c360_2014-12-23-15-42-59-037_20141223220659905.jpg You know those days where you hardly leave the house? I had one of those today (I only left the house to pick up a few things from Coles)

I decided that I may as well dress up and take some outfit photos while I was at it, hence why I'm wearing a pretty dress.


I also broke out my green wig. As well as having no need to leave the house, I was having a bad hair day, and I could not be bothered trying to wrangle my hair into an acceptable state, so I just shoved some fake hair on top.




If I didn't have to be conservative at my job (and if I didn't have to wash my hair so often) I would totally dye my hair this colour (in fact, I had parts of it dyed this colour for a little while. The upkeep was wayyy to much trouble)




I've also been experiencing what I like to call "Wardrobe Meh". I get like this when I haven't been sewing for a while. The symptoms include: Feeling bored with my wardrobe, Only wanting to wear pieces I've sewn then deciding that everything I've made is crap (except that one skirt that's in my wash basket), changing my outfit 3 or 4 times before I leave the house because it makes me feel; fat, frumpy, bleh, colour blind. I hate feeling like this (which Is why I'm currently with my sewing machine, gearing up for a late night of sewing madness.)


I think I've learnt my lesson


Yet another forgotten shoe shot. Have this fabulous picture of my friend Mitch instead.

Now that's out of the way, I'm going to tell you a story. With a moral.


If you've been reading my blog, you know I purchased a camera recently. You'd also know that I'm still getting used to said camera.


The day it arrived in the post I spent several hours playing with it and googling all the things about it. This included one of the adjustable settings ; the ISO.


In my googling I found out that a higher the ISO made dim situations better, but at a cost. The cost was loss of clarity due to digital noise.


To When I shot my photos today it was dim, and my lighting tests were shadowy and awful. So what did I do to rectify the situation? I raised the ISO. And what did raising the ISO do? It turned my pictures into noisy messes.

The moral of the story is don't raise the ISO on the Sony qx10 if you don't want a noisy photo in a dim environment.

Gig Night :D

wpid-photo-on-17-07-2014-at-1.10-am-3.jpg.jpeg My band Vanishing Shapes ( had our first gig in like 3 months last night. It was super fun. We played well and the audience was great.


We had a rehearsal in the morning to get prepared. This is what I wore. In hindsight, I probably should have worn more layers because it was epically cold :(


We also started jamming on some new themes, which will eventually turn into a song of some description. It's so nice writing with the boys again. We stopped writing for a little while to record an album, which will hopefully be coming out soonish.


I wore this to our gig last night. I was wearing the icecream skirt I made and felt it was only appropriate to match my hair.


This is the whole outfit (minus the shoes, which you can see above.) It's exactly what I wore a few weeks ago, but better because my little pony hair. My apologies for the awful quality photos. My phone was at 2% when we got home, and I had to take them on my laptops camera.


This is the Venue we played at and the awesome crowd we had. The dance floor is an L shape, hence the divided crowd shot.


Our next gig is here If you're in the Newcastle area, you should totally come along.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

20140602_150145 Every few months or so I decide that I'd like to change my hair in a dramatic way. Today happened to be one of those days.


One of the best things about this particular wig is that it's very very close to my natural hair colour, which means I can just pin my hair back as opposed to putting it in an uncomfortable wig cap thingy. (Seriously, they are so uncomfortable/slip off alllllllll day) In fact, it's so close to my natural colour that the lady who works in the cafe at the train station I get on at every day had a hard time pinpointing what was different about me, despite the fact the wig is a good 40cm's longer than my natural hair, and has 3 unnatural colours in it!


Blazer: Goldleeda Shirt: Home made Shorts: Home made Belt: Alannah Hill Tights: Ebay Gloves: Sportsgirl

The blazer I'm wearing was an interesting find. I bought it in a shop in Sydney last year. It was one of only 2 made, and had been marked down exponentially because they just couldn't sell it. The guy in the store was amazed that I like it, because literally every woman who had been in there thought it was ugly. D: "Ugly" and "black and yellow blazer" DO NOT belong in the same sentence (unless of course, the sentence is "Black and yellow blazers are not ugly)


I sewed these shorts over the weekend because 1) I was in the mood to sew and 2) I did not feel like working on my composition for uni. I was very happy with how they came out, especially seeing as I didn't really have a pattern, and I've never made high waist-ed shorts before. My only regret is not sewing pockets (I pretty much never sew pockets into my clothing because I'm waaayyyyy too lazy, pockets are actually so much effort)