Disney Florals

IMG_0726 I rediscovered a pair of my favourite shoes this week. You may be wondering how I misplaced them seeing as they're super cute, quite large, and have a bright dusty rose pattern on them. About 6 months ago my Dad decided to "Organise" my shoes, which involved putting a bunch in boxes against my will (there was a period when I was removing the boxes/he was putting them back every other day). Anyway, eventually this silent argument wore me down, and I gave up, hence why I haven't worn these shoes in forever.


This is the outfit I wore to Uni on Wednesday. I had one prerogative when I put this outfit together, and that was to stay warm, which I managed to do. I'm really not enjoying the icy temperatures  that Australia is experiencing at the moment. It's really cold, and getting colder, and I'm just not dealing all that well with it.




One last thing! If you're in the Newcastle Area tomorrow evening, my band Vanishing Shapes has a gig! (This is the first gig we've played all month) We're playing at Church of Groove with Bud Petal, who are a pretty sweet folk band. If this sounds like something that would take your fancy, you can find out more deets on the facebook event page.


Giant red bows, Disney skirts, gigs and weddings

wpid-c360_2014-12-06-15-11-33-881.jpg Another short one today!


I've had yet another busy weekend, full of gigs weddings and tomorrow, rehearsals.


Friday night my band played at the Cambridge Hotel with a band called Luluc www.lulucmusic.com/ (pronounced luluke (we may have got the pronunciation wrong in our brains...)) They're a folk duo from Melbourne (but have been based in the USA for a while, and travel everywhere) They were so awesome to open for! Steve and Zoe are the nicest people, and their music is so haunting, and brilliantly composed.


So after the fun of last night, Ro and I got to attend our friends wedding. They're the cutest couple, and the afternoon has run beautifully (they have had the perfect wedding!)


Pretty good weekend all in all!

Winnie the pooh

wpid-camera_20140723142656709.jpg The album my band Vanishing Shapes is making is so close to (yet so far away from) being finished. We holed ourselves up in a room to have a decent listen/critique/obsess over our performance of every detail.


This is yet another skirt I made over summer. I saw the fabric in the baby quilting section in Spotlight and had to sew with it.


I'm also really feeling blue at the moment. It's such a serene colour.


This my friends is the wonderful dude who's mixing our music for us. He's actually a bit brilliant. https://soundcloud.com/jack-tuckerman This is his sound cloud in case you're interested :3


I have no words about this.


Or this. ;3