South Coast Adventures

wpid-pict_20150403_170456.jpg Guess what I'm doing right now. Posting from a place that isn't my house because I'm on a holiday! (well, technically speaking. I'm still doing my uni work/ flute/ piccolo practice, I'm just not doing it at home)


I'm staying in some Cabins with my parents and friend Katherine in the town of Kiama, which is like 2ish 3 ish hours from Sydney. My parents came down yesterday, and Katherine and I came down today (I couldn't move work, which is why I came down later)


We had quite the adventure getting to our destination, all caused by Sydney Trains Technological and scheduling incompetence (Being a public holiday, you generally expect some public transport failures, but what happened today was a bit ridiculous) . We hopped on our train at Pointclare station (which was already running late), then we were delayed at Hornsby. Now, our train was meant to Terminate at Central, which would allow us to simply leave our train, walk to the other platform and continue on our journey. We did not end up at Central. We ended up Olympic Park, which is nowhere near Central Station, then the train that was going from Olympic park to Central was 7 mins late.


Anyway, despite the difficulties we had getting down, we're here now.

One last thing, if you're in Sydney Thursday next week, my band has a gig at Symposium Bar, which is in Chippendale. Here's the event page: Hope to see you there!

Red bows and tea cups.

wpid-pict_20141020_204019.jpg So I did the thing where you have a manic day, then you sit down for 10 mins and think "I'll do all the things in 10 mins to the best of my ability" when in reality you end up melting into the chair while browsing the internet on your laptop which has 10% battery left, then half ass the rest of your tasks for the day once said battery dies.

This is why you're seeing socks instead of shoes. (Basically I was too lazy to put my shoes back on.) It's also the reason I missed the last dredge of sunlight this afternoon.


Anyway this is what I wore today!


Remember how I mentioned that I cleaned out my closet? Well, I found this belt chilling out of sight! It's one of those adjustable slide-y waist band belts, which makes it super good for flute playing (It expands as I breathe, leaving my lungs unrestricted!)

Red makes the pinstripes go faster...


There was so much pink yesterday, that today I had to dress slightly less girly. (As much as I love pink, there's only so much pink I can take!)


With all of the cold weather I've fallen in love with pants again. I haven't been wearing pants because I've been experimenting quite a bit with how I construct my outfits (I tend to style pants in similar ways). As far as pants go, I've been styling them this way since I was about 16/17, so it's easy to see how I got a bit sick of them.

Blazer: Black friday, Shirt: Cotton On, Vest: Thrifted, Belt: Low Life, Jeans: Sweet Vengeance, Shoes: Dr Martins

But after a long winter of wearing skirts, dresses and shorts with tights underneath, I'm ready to embrace full length leg wear.


Icecream from the past.


I'we come to realise in the past few days that most of the clothes I have purchased this year have come from shop 55 The best thing to from this (apart from some amazing clothes) is the fact I'm incorporating different silhouettes into my wardrobe.


The newest addition to my ever changing style is this fabulous cropped Blouse. I'm not usually one for crop tops, but this Blouse was too cute to pass on. To get around the revealing nature of the shirt, I am wearing a cami underneath.


This shirt also makes my icecream skirt look significantly more 'vintage'  which I'm kind of digging.

Dreamy Dresses

wpid-20140822_120330.jpg Lady Petrova's webstore is a dangerous place for my wallet.

Basically there was this dress which I loved. Then it went on sale. Then it got marked down further, and the once more. Every time it was marked down it was so much harder for me not to buy.

I may have caved this week....


...and this might be the dress in question.


Usually I'm not a fan of wearing 'bodycon' dresses, but, the organza overlay makes it super cute and a bit classy.

The dress was designed by house of cards which is a pretty darn cool label.