Orange Bush Painting

Shoes My Dad and I had a landscape painting sesh on Sunday. We painted what we could see of maitland band from the natural lookout at the top of the path. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish our works as the cold got the better of us, but we've got tentative plans to finish the works at a later date within the next few weeks.


This is what I wore. Basically my prerogative with the outfit was "warm and comfy as possible" which I definitely achieved. Only thing I was missing was fingerless gloves (which is why the cold won out. My phalanges couldn't hold the brush without cold pain) I've really been digging watercolour as a medium as of late, which is what I ended up using. My dad is using acrylics for his painting.

painting with Dad

Speaking of art, I've been posting a lot of my stuff to instagram at the moment (which you should totally check out. There's a link in my sidebar.) I'll probably post a photo of my painting and my Dad's once they're done.

Hand throught hair

Wooden Shorts

wpid-pict_20150404_175318.jpg It is very very cold down on the South Coast. I'm somewhat regretting not looking up the weather before I packed, because I would have packed way more knee high socks, and way more jackets.


Apart from being cold, it's very chill down here. Katherine and I checked out the shops today, then spent the second half of the day in the cabin for Dad's belated birthday lunch. We lots of yummy food, played a sick dice game called Rory's Story Cubes. (I bought a basic pack, and will be purchasing expansions in a few days!)


Unfortunately even though I'm on holidays I still have to do uni work/ flute practice /adminny stuff for V shapes. I'm planning on having a big work day tomorrow :s so yeah.