Late nights and shitty photos

wpid-c360_2014-12-19-22-18-20-616.jpg I feel like every post on my blog lately is me talking about how I went busking with my band...

Guess what I did yesterday!? (It may have involved busking, and it may have involved my band)

As much fun as busking is, it is responcable for the following "mess" which is Fridays outfit. I didn't have time to take photos when the sun was out, and I really liked the outfit, so I sucked it up and took photos in Gosfords commuter carpark.


I felt a bit like a zoo on Friday because I was wearing an elephant belt as well as my fox skirt.


Today I played in the New Empire's Christmas concert (which I'm kind of hoping will be an annual thing) It was hella fun (and there was fake snow!) It was an exhausting show. I collapsed on the lounge with pokemon when I got home.