The St Albans that wasn't

wpid-pict_20150425_155740.jpg About a week and a half ago my band decided to do a YOLO, purchase some tickets to the St Albans folk festival and play all of the blackboard sessions to get our sound out there/meet new cool peeps. We ran into a slight spot of bother with the rain storm this week. The road to St Albans is not sealed and its right next to the river, meaning the folk festival was cancelled (it might be postponed, but I haven't checked yet. Anyway, point is we didn't end up at the festival) We decided to go camping anyway and jam/write some music at Wiseman's ferry (which is pretty close to St Albans).


There were quite a few people at the same campsite who'd travelled a long way for the festival and had the same plan as us, so we ended up having an impromptu "black board" style music day.


We met so many awesome people and played so much awesome music. You can be sure we'll be going to more folk festivals!