Tiny Train Tracks

wpid-pict_20150310_163402.jpg You know those days where you wake up and can't be bothered getting dressed properly? I had one of those Tuesday morning, but then I stopped in at one of my favourite thrift stores on my way home from work and found an amazing pair of shoes.




The new to me shoes made getting dressed seem like less of a task.


I took these photos at the local miniature train tracks. I've not been there since I was about 5 or 6. All the teeny tiny tracks and bridges are so adorable (made me feel like I was on the set of thomas the tank engine, or Brum (man, they were the coolest shows when I was teeny tiny.))


I've fallen madly in love with creeper style shoes. They have all the comfort of flats, with all of the height of heels. (You can't see this well in the picture, but the clear platform has glitter in the plastic!)