Vests, Apples and tiny corners of the yard.

wpid-c360_2015-01-14-18-23-00-448.jpg Aww man, today was so hot. Like you can't stand in the sun without burning to a crisp kind of hot.




The only thing of note today that happened was going for a crispy walk with Rohan along the cycleway. Before he came over and informed me of the disgusting temperature outside I was considering wearing a very light cardigan (I'd been in air conditioning all day and was feeling slightly chilly.) I am so so so glad I did not wear a cardigan. (I was hot enough in the outfit I wore today)


I also discovered a cute new spot to shoot in. I didn't managed to capture it today,  but there is actually a really cool gate hidden behind my body. (I'll capture it next time I promise.) This is the part of the yard Dad stores all of his excess bits of wood and various pots. With the little vine growing on the fence it made me feel as if I was some sort of run down secret garden.