Vintage icecream the second

image It's getting to that time in semester when dressing is difficult for me. There are two reasons for this : 1) I haven't been sewing, therefore outfit repeats are inevitable and 2) I'm rather tired, which makes assembling an outfit difficult.

So there you have it. Those are the reasons why I've worn this outfit twice in a 3 days (although, the colour palette has changed slightly).

image I'm going through a bit of a blouse thing at the moment. (as in, I'm lusting over a number of vintage ones online / wearing the ones I own heaps) it's very refreshing, especially seeing at my shirt of choice for a while was actually a black or white singlet with a bow attached to the front and a large bolaro around the shoulders.

image Despite my outfit 'repeat' I've done quite a refreshing thing with you footwear. I haven't worn boots in about 2 years, so it's nice to give them a bit of love.