Weekend away in Byron Bay!


I've not been posting for a few days. I have a perfectly valid explanation for this! If you follow my band on facebook or twitter you would know that we made our way up the east coast on Saturday morning to Byron Bay so we could play a gig at the Railway Friendly Bar.



We left Newcastle at 7:00 am, and after a very very long drive, made it to Byron about 5:00pm. The venue checked us into a hotel across the road, and then we had a rehearsal on their balcony.


Day 2 consisted of Busking, followed by Beach Times, followed by Gig times. (Not to mention it was hot and sticky) The Gig was so much fun! We played 3 x 45 min sets, and performed some new pieces. We also caught up with various family members and family friends. (My Aunt and Uncle Margaret and Kerry came who I haven't seen in a very long time, as well as Tim's mum, and some of Tim's family friends)


We started driving back Sunday night but ended up sleeping at Tim's parents place (Which is probably a 3 or 4 hour journey from Byron) because 1) We were really exhausted and 2) it started pouring and it was hard to see. We finished off our journey on Monday, and when we got back I sort of collapsed on Tim's lounge. I did eventually get up/have a shower/ get dressed. This was my final outfit this weekend:


I would have posted yesterday, but I was half dead all day.