Weird Wednesdays


There's a fairly good reason why there was no blog post yesterday. My band had a busking/gig day in Sydney, which meant taking my photos with some camera fairy's! (You can see the leg of one in my shoe photo above)

We had a little bit of a rocky start to the day, we ended up leaving late, then one of the cars broke down on the free way (The car ran out of oil. Luckily our other car had spare oil with them!) But ultimately it was a really fun and productive day.


I wore the outfit above busking. I decided to go with something super comfy that would breathe well (because it was really muggy in Sydney, and you tend to get hot playing the flute)  We ended up busking at Newtown station. We did much better than our attempted Monday busking session (partially because we invested in a solid portable setup, which meant people could actually hear us!)


In the evening we had our gig at Valve Bar. It was a small venue, but quite intimate. Unfortunately most of the audience was made up from the bands that played, but the small audience we did have was an absolute pleasure to play for!