When Macs go bad, and other technological difficulties.

shoes Man I have had a super bad time with technology lately. It's all sort of come to a climax (in some of the worst ways possible) in the last week: I've spent hours chasing NBNco and TPG trying to get a working internet connection, I had to reinstall my OS, I had to reformat my ipod, some of my software broke and (to add insult to injury) I lost my favourite phone charging cable.

looking at camera

So, out of all the awful technology failures I experienced this week, reinstalling my OS is probably the most annoying. I've been using OSX since leopard (which was released in 2007). When I originally bought this machine I did a complete system transfer, meaning my new laptop was set up the same as my old one. Basically, this means I had 7 years worth of files/programs on this computer, which I had to wipe.


spreading skirt

You may be wondering why on earth it came to reinstalling my OS (if you're not wondering, I'm going to tell you anyway). I was using my laptop, and OSX was all "hey grrrl, there's an update! can you please update me so I can be my very best?" so I was all "ok, I'll do the thing!". The update went seamlessly until the part where it had to reboot. - my laptop hung on "rebooting" for 30 mins, so I thought "well, the update says it's finished and about to reboot, so I'll just do a hard restart (PSA, this is always a bad idea). When my laptop switched on I got a screen in many languages (which always means shit's about to go down) informing me that "your laptop has restarted because of a problem, press any key to reboot". From here I got stuck in a boot loop type deal. I did some googling, and the best solution was to start from scratch, -o that's what I did.


I'm pretty glad I run a dual boot (when you have the option of using 2 or more os's on a laptop). Basically it meant that I could backup my files easily before I nuked my OS. The whole process still took a good 6 hours, but I didn't loose anything important, and have my machine pretty much running normally again. (Let this be a lesson kids! Always back up your computer!)

looking down

So these photo's are pretty "old" (at least for my blog's outfit photo turnaround). As I mentioned before, Rohan and I still don't have internet (our case is stuck between several different management teams across 2 companies :/), which makes posting stuff quickly difficult. This is what I wore Tuesday. I'm surprised it took me so long to style this skirt in this particular way as the most predominant colour in the skirt is a creamy green, which comes from the same colour family as the creamy white of my numbers shirt.

leaning against tree

Also, on a non fashion-y note, how gorgeous is this tree!? It's located in one of my favourite parks, and is basically like a giant leafy umbrella. I shot these photo's at midday, and the leaves were practically glowing in the sunlight. I'd been wanting to shoot at this location for a while, but was unable to pull it off with my previous camera.

looking away

sitting crossed legg twirling headshot closeup twirl choker

One last thing - I made a terrarium! I found this glass pear terrarium in gosford and decided that this was a good way to solve my crow/fairy problem (ie, I can move this inside/out of sight, so the crow is unable no nick my fairy's!) I've forgotten what type of plant the "tree" is, but the "grass" is a sort of miniature mint (that smells kind of like a cleaning product, and according to Rohan taste's super bad)


Terrarium 2 Terrarium details Terrarium details 3 Terrarium details 2