Where have you been!?

The Emerald Ruby 25th May Shoes As you may have noticed, my blog has been down for the past 5 days. There was a very simple fix, which I took ages to find (because it was one of the last things suggested to me by all of the googling I did). (for those of you who have a self hosted wordpress site, if you run into "error establishing database connection" due to a MySQL error, try upgrading your serverspace first)

The Emerald Ruby 25th May Coat

This week has been incredibly up and down. The things that sucked really sucked (like my site dieing, being sick and paperwork troubles) but the things that were good, were really freaking good.




As you may have noticed from the slightly blurry (because I'm still learning manual focus) but increased quality of my photo's, I bought a new camera! It's a cannon 700 D, and I'm using the 40mm pancake lens with it (one of my favourite bloggers The Dainty Squid swears by it, and as I love her photography, I figured it would be a good alternative to the kit lens my camera came with. I am 1000 glad's I took her recommendation. It's been an absolute dream to shoot with)

The Emerald Ruby 25th May Belt

I also had another gig with Button Collective, which was amazing as always. A friend I haven't seen in forever came to tha gig as well, and it was super great to catch up! (Although the pide we ate after the gig made me feel not so great the next morning :P)

The Emerald Ruby 25th May Necklace Close Up

Because I've been shooting like mad on my new camera, I have a 4 day backlog of outfit photo's which I will aim to upload in the next few days (so, you may or may not be getting 2 posts a day :P)