I’m having yet another weekend jam packed full of music, although unlike previous weekends, the styles of music I’ve had to play have been highly contrasting.

Last night my band played at a gig with 4 other bands who were just as nutty as us. Now, as far as how I play the flute in my band goes, I usually aim for a very wooden/dirty sound. I’m not afraid of squeaking, or bending the pitch, or even splitting my notes.

I had to go from that to lovely proper classical musician. It’s not an easy transition.


Shirt: Tree of life, Pinafore: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

Today I played the Pearl Beach Annual Opera in the Arboretum, which is basically a fun concert of Opera classics in the great outdoors. I’ve played it a couple of times now, and it’s always super fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be switching styles yet again for my 1920’s jazz orchestra rehearsal.

It’s strange. Before I started uni, versatility was never really my thing. I was pretty firmly a classical musician, but now I can handle pretty much anything thrown at me. It’s a really liberating feeling!


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Minnie Mouse


This is the last of the skirts I sewed on the weekend.


I saw the fabric in spotlight, and I just couldn’t resist. It was so cute, and I knew I had the spotted red tulle sitting in my fabric box (It had been in there forever!)


Cardigan: Hell Bunny, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home Made, Tights: Sports girl, Shoes: Thrifted.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix Australia launched this week, which is the best worst thing to happen to me in a while. It’s the best because I’m a content nut, and now I’ll be able to easily stream all the content I could ever want, but it’s the worst because a) most of the series I’m watching aren’t on there, and b) now I have a super duper easy way to procrastinate.



The moral of this story is, don’t let students on Netflix, because it will end in a multi series binge watching session…


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Green Squares are out of control


Do you want to know what sucks?


Stuff being out of your control sucks. I can’t really write about it in full detail, but basically someone with talent won’t be getting their talent nurtured because someone else said so, and that breaks my heart.


Anyway, I sculpted all of my sorrows away when I got home.


Shirt: Miss Shop, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Home Made, Tights: Myer, Shoes; Don’t remember.

I’ve not sculpted something new for ages, mostly because the last time I did  a big sculpt was when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to sell my jewellery. It was lovely getting my hands back into the polymer clay, and I think I’m going to get back into a sculpting routine.


New Necklace dripping with honeycomb and bees


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A pirates life for me


The GMS production of Pirates of Penzance had its last show on Saturday! It was a long, exhausting but brilliant run, and I’m quite glad I was involved. I actually had a day off on Sunday. To celebrate my free day, I slept in till noon and hit the sewing machine.


Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home Made, Shoes: Colorado, Stockings: Dangerfield.

I’ve been meaning to sew another “tie” skirt for ages. They look super cute, and make me feel super piratey.


Close up of the fabric I used.

I had a pretty big sewing day today too. It’s nice to be able to create things that aren’t music once in a while.


Numbers Shirt!



This is the outfit I wore friday. This was the only photo that turned out wellish. The weather was bleah, the lighting was bleah, and I was feeling a tad bleah.

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Small Grey Rabbits


One of the best things about being part of my band Vanishing Shapes is that we get to play amazing gigs with other amazing bands.

We had a gig at the Lass O Gowrie this evening, and man, it was absolutely nuts. We played with two other bands Quantum Milkshake and Edema Ruh. 


What I wore Thursday: Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Shoes: thrifted.

Quantum Milkshake simply describe themselves as a Cinematic dance band. They are absolutely nuts in the best possible way. They’ve got influences from all over the place, and somehow they’ve meshed it all together to create a deliciously complex sound. (Unfortunately for me, they’re Melbourne based, so I probably won’t be able to catch many gigs, but I’ll definitely try!)

Edema Ruh were also completely nuts in the best possible way. They’re a 7 piece from Sydney, and they too draw influences from all over the place (although, they are significantly more folk based than Quantum Milkshake)

I think one of the things I liked best about both bands (apart from their fabulous music) is that they both have an interesting and varied lineup of instruments. As well as sporting keyboard, drums, bass and guitar both bands had a trombone and trumpet. Edema Ruh sported a violin and sax, while Quantum Milkshake sported a flute.

Maybe it’s just who I’m hanging out with musically , but I’m seeing an increased use of acoustic instruments in independent bands, and I’m totally loving it!


If you love music/helping out your friendly neighbourhood independent band, I suggest you check both of these guys out. You will not regret it.

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I wore this outfit on Tuesday. I’ve been feeling pretty grouchy lately because of the general ignorance of the general population, so to counteract my mood I turned into a glitter bomb (complete with squirrel cardigan)


Cardigan: Don’t remember :s Dress: home made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Stockings: Top Shop, Shoes: Thrifted.

I’ve not been sewing lately (mostly because of being involved in Pirates of Penzance) , and it’s really starting to get to me. Because of my job I live a highly creative lifestyle, which is fabulous, but to stay engaged and lively I feel the need to create things that aren’t music in order to a) not burn out musically and b) be more than my music.

I love music so much, but I don’t want it to be the only thing I’m good at, nor the thing that fully defines me. Sewing helps me to feel more like me and less like a slave to my instrument.

Anyway it’s the last weekend of Pirates, which will be fun! As much as I’ve enjoyed my time in the pit, I’m looking forward to having some semblance of free time.


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Cat Calling 101: What is Cat Calling, Why it’s Wrong, and what you can do to stop it.


Sorry for my absence! The musical really destroyed me this week (We had 4 shows in 3 days!) I wore this outfit Friday last week, so I’m posting it super late :s

In my absence this week, there have been some fabulous (and not so fabulous discussions) around sexual harassment via cat calling on both blogs I follow, and on my personal facebook feed. As this is a topic close to my heart, I feel like I should weigh in. The only way to stop this sort (and any sort of negative  behaviours really) is to spread the word/educate. So that’s what I’m doing!


Shirt: Thrifted, Vest: Fan Plus Friend, Shorts: Home Made, Tights: Coles, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

Two of my favourite bloggers Katie from Buddle and Squeak, and Annika from the Pine Needle Collective posted about cat calling. (I suggest you read their posts before you read mine, because they have some absolutely brilliant things to say on the subject. Katie’s post. Annika’s post )

Lets start off with a definition of what exactly a cat call is: a sound or noise that someone (such as an audience member) makes toward a speaker, performer, athlete, etc., that he or she does not like 1 A shrill whistle or shout of disapproval made at a public meeting or performance: he walked out to jeers and catcalls

1.1 A loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature made by a man to a passing woman: women were the objects of catcalls when they walked by the men’s barracks
When a guy gives the wert whirl whistle or yells at a babydoll for the purpose of getting attention and in hopes of a future hookup. This is usually done out of the window of a car. Typically a Pontiac Firebird, or Camaro.99.9% a hookup never arises and it’s just the thrill that keeps these going.

So, according to these definitions a cat call is 1) Something that men do to women in order to assert their dominance 2) something to show disapproval towards someone in a loud attention seeking fashion.


“But Jen, how am I as a man supposed to let someone know that I like what their wearing / their physical appearance/ want to let them know they’re cool ?” Basically you’re not. There are a few main things that factor into making cat calling inappropriate.

1) When I get dressed, the only person I am dressing for is myself. I know I’m not dressed like everyone else. I don’t need comments pointing this out to me.  don’t care if you mean it as a compliment, it’s still not appropriate because

2) “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them  – Margaret Atwood. This quote was brought to my attention during a feminist debate on facebook and I think it basically sums up the situation beautifully. I, and many of my female friends are scared of men we do not know, especially when travelling alone/ after dark. Literally all of my female friends can tell you storys of when they were cornered by a man/ touched inappropriately/ had obscenities yell at them because they are a woman. I’ve shared a few of my worst experiences on this very blog. Now, not all men are out to get us, infact, most are probably very nice and do not have a single bad bone in their body, but we don’t know that. We can list off countless encounters in which strangers have harrassed us, so to keep ourselves SAFE we have to keep interactions with men we do not know to a minimum, just in case this is the guy that has intentions overpower me/ steal my hand bag/rape me/ murder me. It’s a very very very real fear that myself and many others have.


So now you know what cat calling is, and why you shouldn’t do it, but you may not know what you can do about it. There’s actually quite a bit you can do.

Talk to your friends/family/ social media about your own experiences and how it’s made you feel. If something serious/illegal has happened, talk to the police. Tell everyone that will listen that this behaviour is not acceptable, and you will not stand by in silence.

Offer support to those who have experienced harassment. If the event has passed, offer your judgement free shoulder to cry on. Don’t comment on what they were wearing/ say they were asking for it, because quite frankly it shouldn’t matter what they were wearing. If you see such an event in progress, don’t just stand there and watch / ignore it. Go up to the person and give them an out.

And finally, if you practice the disgusting art of cat calling stop. It’s not cool, it’s not cute, it’s not manly, it’s not sexy. It is sexual harassment  and completely unacceptable, and completely avoidable.

*Please note I am only talking from experiences I am familiar with. This is an extraordinarily brief introduction to sexual harassment in the form cat calling and what you can do about it. I am also not an expert on the subject (but unfortunately I have lots of practical knowledge from my own experiences / stuff my friends have talked about.)


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