Peacock Pinafores

Shoes from top

I actually can’t wait for uni to finish so I can sew on  a semi – regular basis without feeling overwhelmingly guilty for not studying. I hit up the sewing machine on tuesday evening, and whilst it was a highly enjoyable sewing sesh, I did feel quite guilty afterwards for not spending my time doing other things (such as fiddling with my compositions/researching all the things)




Now I didn’t spend my time sewing this pinafore/dress thing (I don’t even know the difference anymore, I wear all my dresses as pinafores) for no reason. I sewed it for an event I attended Wednesday morning. The local Rotary club held a breakfast event for buisness women, and I was kindly invited by my friend (and New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra Orchestral Manager – gash that’s a mouthful (or should I say handful, cause I’m typing)) Barney Waters. The breakfast and speeches were great, and I met a lot of really interesting people (which was super fun!)


One of the speakers was a local MP – Deborah O’Neil, who complimented my dress in the middle of her speech which was super cool. The theme of the talk was resilience – and the biggest thing I took away from it was the need for women to be recognised equally in spaces that are traditionally mens spaces (Preach!)

As I so often do in crowded rooms, I was standing towards the back (It makes me feel more at ease and less anxious) during the speeches, and it was really interesting to see the crowds reaction. I’d say 80% of the people in the room were women, and during the whole breakfast, there were lots of heads nodding in agreement, especially when discussing feminist topics was brought up. I’ve never been in a physical environment where such views and issues have been spoken about honestly to a room full of like minded individuals. (sorry to be cliche) It was empowering.


Onto the dress! I’ve had this fabric sitting in my fabric box for such a long time (I’d say 2 years) Everytime I’ve gone to sew I’ve passed up on this fabric, as I wanted to use it for a beautiful garment. (I’ve only recently felt confident enough in my contstruction to sew with this type of fabric) As far as the construction of the garment is concerned, the lower half is a triple layer circle skirt with side zip (The under layer is cotton, the middle layer is tulle (which was measured to hang below the outer layer) and the outer layer is a quilting cotton with metallic components.) and the upper half is a Gigantic bow , with some paneling to cover  the space between the bow and the skirt portion, with daisy chain lace as straps. (I also did a cute triangle detail, which you can see in the very last picture.)


As per my usual sewing process, I didn’t use a pattern, I just draped the fabric onto my mannequin, then measured, sculpted and darted as needed. I would love to be able to do some sort of pattern making course full time, but I can’t afford (the time or the money) to do such a course. My sewing is definitely getting better, but I’m getting sick of reinventing the wheel everytime I sew.



I'm a little teapot

I also wasn’t playing flute that day, so I was able to wear lipstick (which always makes me super excited!! – usually I can only wear the lipstains that come in texta form) Remember that deep green from my post the other day? Well I ordered a few other lipstick with that. (three others to be exact) I ordered a chocolate brown and a black (neither which I’m wearing here) and the dark purple (which is reading black on camera – boo) which I wore when I shot this outfit.

Normally I don’t get caught up in the names of cosmetics, but this perfect purple colour is called feminist (which suits me just fine).


I totally didn’t realise this until after I edited the pictures, but I paired the peacock material of the dress with my peacock belt. I find that this belt is fairly neutral in appearance, and can tend to be visually swept aside when deconstructing my outfits (which when working with a busy pattern such as the peacock detail in the fabric is something you sometimes need)



foot dream


Back of Dress


portrait landscape

A is for Alien Apple


(Let me begin this post by saying this is not sponsored. I just found my holy grail lip colour)


I have a weird relationship with makeup. My mum was never really into it, so wearing it everyday was never encouraged (It was never discouraged either. It was just a thing neither of us really worried about) I never apply foundation. It looks great on others, but I find it sticky and uncomfortable. Same goes for concealer (and primer etc). All of my makeup skillz (or lack there of) come from youtube (Application techniques)/ experimentation (crazy colours).

Saying this, I adore eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, meaning if I’ve got bright eyes and bright lips, my skin is pretty bare (Which, according to all of youtube beauty is a pretty weird thing).

swish and flick

Anyway, my search for emerald green lipcolour started about 4 years ago when I realised “unnatural” (ie, anything that’s not brown, pink or red) lipstick was a thing. I began searching, and happened across all of the “regular” brands (lime crime, jeffery star etc). Unfortunately for me, anything that was good quality (ie, didn’t smell like garbage or feel like crayons) was in the $20 plus price range (and at the time, that was a no go yo) so I dropped the idea.


A few weeks ago I was on a youtube beauty vlog adventure, and found out about colour pop, which had decently priced lipsticks and eyeshadows in all sorts of crazy colours. One of the crazy colours just happened to be the magnificent gem I wore on my face on Tuesday. It’s called Bunny, it was $5 usd, wears like a dream (I biked in the 30 degree heat in this lipstick. Barely moved on my lips) and upon googling the colour just now, it’s been discontinued :( Dang yo (Despite this, it will last me forever. I don’t get to wear lipstick often because it comes off on my flute/makes my embochure awkward and sticky/slippery) . This colour is kind of similar, but you miss out on the big flecks of shimmer which really bring this green to life.

Legit, having deep emerald lips is the most me I’ve ever felt.


I also tried something new with my hair. My hair is kind of really long (for me) at the moment, as I’ve not had a spare minute to get a hair cut. Just today I’ve decided to let my hair (fringe and all) grow out over summer (to provide a blank slate) then I’m going to get it cut super short (with a long flippy side fringe). It’s going to be a hair-raising adventure :D (I’ll see myself out)

Good intentions


If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have noticed that I’ve not been anywhere near home for the past two weeks. Instead I’ve been traversing the south east corner of Australia with my band on our very first tour! Before I left I had some good intentions. I planned to line up some guest posts so ye olde blog wouldn’t collect cobwebs. I intended to get my uni work done and I intended to get super organised when I got home. None of these things happened. Whoops.


These photo’s come to you in several sets. This first set of photo’s was the last outfit I wore to uni before semester break. I don’t remember what day it was, or what I was doing, but upon reflection, I like the ensemble I put together.

Sitting by the fountain crossed standing by the fountain

My life kinda sorta fell to pieces after that day (in the best way possible). I participated in a flute workshop with Tim Munroe, then a few days later holed up in grove studio’s with Vanishing Shapes and Jack Tuckerman to record an EP! Day one was really full on, so I didn’t take any pictures (we recorded the bulk of the audio then). Day 2 was a little more laid back, so I took some happy snaps.

Clarinet PLaying BO Mic-ing Up BO Pointing BO

The day after we recorded, we left for our tour. The first stop was Wollombi Music Festival. It was wet, and slightly cold, but really fun. Tour stop 2 was Sydney, which despite being in a tiny loud pub was actually pretty fun. After Sydney was Melbourne via Woodonga. We camped on the Murry River for two nights between our Sydney and Melbourne gigs. These photo’s are all from night two.

Rough Night BO Sittin' BO String Sectional  BO

One of the weirdest/coolest things about being down south was the sun sets. The place I live is surrounded by hills, meaning the sun stops being visible long before golden hour (I’d often try and shoot during golden hour, only to get disappointed that it was fairly pathetic). The place we camped was fairly flat, so when it was time for the sun to set, the bush was lit by this brilliant yellow glow.

Lighting The Bush On Fire BO Fool's Gold BO Gold Showers BO YES Bo

We were met with spectacular views in the evening as well. We had a huge bright moon, and once it had risen, a fog rolled in across the river. The air was super still as well, giving me the perfect opportunity to play with long exposures. (A long exposure is when you leave the shutter on the camera open for an extended period of time. I used a 15 second shutter for each of these images.)

Wave Two BO Tree Long BO Tree BO River Bank BO Fence BO Camping BO

After Albury I didn’t really take many photos. We had a whirlwind journey playing in Melbourne two nights in a row, then busking and gigging in Canberra. (We managed to get caught up in a marriage equality rally as well which was super cool.)

We made so many new friends and stayed with some really cool people (Thankyou so much to Jake’s Parents, Katie and Trent, Julie and Chris and Angus+Housemates for letting a bunch of crazy folk musicians stay with you!).

It should be business as usual from here on out (at least until summer.)

Pink Politics 101


It’s been a few days since the lib spill, and now I’ve had a chance to rant and be angry I’ve decided to be productive instead. The following is a handy dandy guide to developing a political opinion. (I’m very sorry that I keep harping on about politics, but it’s really important.)


I suppose the first point I would like to address is why it’s important to have an opinion about politics. There are so many reasons, but by far the biggest reason is that our government (is supposed) to represent the people. If the people don’t know/don’t care about the government how are they (they being the government) supposed to represent us effectively?

leg out

The biggest step to forming a political opinion is to decide what you want to change about Australia, and what you want to stay the same.

The next step is finding out how each party aligns with your view. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using Vote Compass. Basically what this does is it breaks down the main policy points into a simple questionnaire, then compare your answers to the policies of the various political parties, then gives you this information on a handy dandy graph! Unfortunately it only updates close to an election, but if you’re curious about how your views align with Australia’s political parties, the Federal Vote compass from 2013 is a great place to start.

The other resource I like is  They Vote for you . This site breaks down how each parliament member has voted for things throughout their political career (meaning you can really get into the nitty gritty of each member of parliament)

hand on hip

So, you’ve formed a political opinion. The next thing you have to do is get your voice heard. There are lots of ways you can do that such as writing to your Member of Parliment, writing a letter to the editor, engaging your friends and family in a friendly political debate or even starting a blog about politics. These are all great options, but there is one really powerful way you can get your voice heard, and that is by voting.

Now, voting in Australia can get pretty complicated. To win an election one party needs to get 51% of the votes, which is pretty tricky when there are more than two parties (which there are). To solve this conundrum we use a thing called preferential voting (Here’s a handy dandy graph!) Basically there’s a bunch of parties in Australia who would all like to run the government, but some of these parties are smaller than others.

Before the election, these parties sit down and decide who they would like to give their votes to if they don’t get elected (Although, if you vote for a party and don’t like their next preferred party, you can decide your own preference path at the polling booth). Starting with the guys who got the least amount of votes, and working there way up, the votes of the less voted for parties get given to other parties until someone has 51%. It’s not a perfect system (but, lets be honest, there’s no such thing as a perfect system). I can remember some election where more people voted for one party, but the other one was elected because of how the preferences transferred.


On top of this, there are two different sets of government people (at a federal level) you have to elect. There’s the House of Representatives, who at their most basic level write legislation and keep all the stuff going (they also do things like write budgets, and attend official events, and sometimes they even say silly things on camera) These guys are pretty important, but not as important as the Senate.


The Senate are the people who actually pass the legislation. They’re the people who look over the legislation and ask “is this really best for the people?”. (In theory) They stop the government from having free reign over everything and everyone. You her about them less because their work is more behind the scenes than the work of the House of Representatives.

adjusting glasses

At all levels of Federal Parliment you mostly hear about 2 major parties, and 1 party who’s gaining more and more traction every election. These parties are the Liberal Party of Australia(aka The Coalition (because a bunch of parties all joined forces and stuff)who are the current government), The Australian Labor Party (these guys are the main opposition) and The Greens  .

The TLDR of the above is:

Liberal Party: Conservative

Labor Party: Kind of liberal

The Greens: Liberal

(yeah, the difference between the names/political views confuses me too, but it is what it is (this is literally the only time I’ll ever say that in relation to politics))


That’s pretty much it. I’ve linked all of the most relevant resources above as they’re the best place to start when it comes to informing yourself about how your views fit in with politics. Remember, political parties aren’t like football teams. Just because “your a liberal/labor/whatever” party doesn’t mean you should automatically give them your vote without actually understanding what they stand for.

I’ve probably missed out quite a few things, but this is only meant to be an overview. (If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. You can also probably find the answer using google! :) )


I feel as though this outfit is the most appropriate to go with this blog post. This is what I wore the day of the Lib Spill (which was the day I posted my political rant) I biked to a nearby park (and then went exploring) to calm my thoughts after all the political drama (it didn’t quite work. I finished purging the angry thoughts into that political rant a few days ago)

Little Red Riding Hood


I feel as thought I’ve been sharing a lot of negativity on the internet lately. Yes, there are a lot of injustices that I’m angry about, but I also have a lot to be grateful for. So, I thought I would share (in no particular order) a list of 5 things I’m grateful for.

1) My family and friends. I am lucky that my family and friends show so much love and support me 100%. From my parents who encourage my creative pursuits, to my friends who let me indulge in all sorts of silly things.

2) My music community. I am involved in an extensive and supportive music community who encourage me to grow as a musician, and encourage the bands I’m part of to grow as composers and performers.

3) My mentors. I have so many great mentors in my life, from formal mentors such as my flute and composition teacher, to more informal mentors who have provided so many opportunities to grow musically and improve my teaching skills.


4) My students. The majority of my student base are passionate youngsters who are passionate about learning music and learning the flute, making them an absolute pleasure to teach. These students make me want to improve as a musician and a teacher so I can give them the best musical education possible.

5) The stability I have in life. I have been so lucky to have had a wonderful education, and I’ve never had to go without. I’ve not done anything to deserve the success I’ve had, but I’m determined not to squander these opportunities I’ve been given, because so many others have not had access to them.


This is the outfit I wore Monday for my Monday training bands end of term concert. I always feel super smart in monochrome red outfits. I have a lot of red in my wardrobe as well, so monochrome red is really easy for me to put together. The cape was given to me a few months ago by my friend (and style extraordinaire behind the New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra) It’s finally warm enough for me to wear it! (I can see it becoming a summer staple)

This outfit made me feel very little red riding hood (which is always a good thing. Life is too short to not be a fairy tale character.)


Metallic Flower Fairy


I was going to post an angry rant about the government. I was going to post about how Turnbull is just Abbott with social skills. I was going to post about how hypocritical the Liberal spill is when they destroyed the Labor government over doing the same thing. I was going to post about how the majority of Australians are to uninformed/don’t care enough/too apathetic/ treat their political voice like a football team and how angry this makes me. Finally I was going to post about how angry being politically powerless makes me feel. I’m not going to post about any of that. Instead I’m just going to post about how tired I am of Australia’s political situation.

head shot

The TLDR of my feelings comes down to this. Those in power are operating on greed. They feed into the idea that anyone who isn’t a millionaire just has to work hard (and if you’re not one, you’re not working hard enough). They preach free market values, and socially conservative ideologies. They’re out of touch, and they don’t care, but they’ve tricked the average Australian voter into thinking that they do care.

Do you want to know who cares? I care. My friends and family care, but as I learned during the last election, apparently we’re the minority. It’s great that I’m surrounded by so many like minded individuals, but it’s alarming to me that the rest of Australia doesn’t seem to care as much as the people I’m surrounded by. I’ve cared so much, but now I’m tired. I’m tired, and angry from the nations leaders being selfish and out of touch. I’m tired from being powerless, and I’m tired of being “productive member of society” (AKA a mere pawn in the game of billionaires the 1% think it’s acceptable to play)

looking away

As a child I can remember being taught to share. I have tried to continue that into my adulthood. I gladly share my craft, my knowledge, and my space with those that require it. Somewhere along the line many of these “important people” have forgotten the childhood skill of sharing.

hand on hip

I don’t really know how much sense I’m making, but I just need to spew the words and get it all out. The majority have no automony, but the minority have tricked us into thinking that we do and it’s exhausted me.


On a lighter note, this is what I wore Sunday. I went to the farmers market with my mum and dad to get some locally grown produce (which is super fresh AND super cheap AND the farmers get more profit than if you buy from the super market!! Central Coast peeps, it’s at the racecourse 8 – 1 ever sunday!!) It was a lovely morning. I got so many fresh vegetables, and had a really fun time hanging out with my parents.

In the afternoon I had a vocal concert, which was fun, but weird. I’m still not used to performing classically without a flute, nor have I quite got my tongue around Italian.

Finally I finished off my evening at Rohan’s Noni’s house. She’s an amazing cook! (and she sent us home with the leftovers!!)


It’s ok to not be ok – Guest post by Rachel Maria Cox


This is my lovely friend Rachel Maria Cox. They’re a brilliant musician and founder of a fabulous project called Sad Grrrls club, which was originally a collective of female identifying musicians, but has since grown to encompass artists and writers as well. We had an impromptu photo shoot the other day, and decided that it’s about time they do a guest post! Rachel is one of the most wisest and passionate people I know. Thank you so much for your wonderful wise words <3


I look at these photos, and there’s a lot that runs through my head. The first thing I notice is that I hate my teeth. They are yellow, which I know is a result of a combination of factors. I notice that I look skinny, and also that I do not look as skinny as I would like. I notice how bland my outfit this day was, mainly because my outfit choices are currently narrowed down by three criteria: can I wear it to work? Will it keep me kind of warm? Does it still fit?


My name is Rachel Maria Cox and in three days I will embark on the first annual Sad Grrrls Tour. I am excited that something I have worked so hard for has actually come to fruition. I am also, perhaps appropriately or perhaps ironically, the saddest I have ever been. I have lost ten kilos in three months, 18 since the start of the year, through a combination of anorexic and bulimic behaviours that have made me isolated, physically sick, depressed and exhausted. I am constantly anxious, sad or both. Yesterday I cried for an hour straight on a train by myself, unable to stop myself. I am addicted to laxatives. And I am telling you all about this, not for attention or sympathy, but to let everyone know that THIS IS ALL OKAY.


Last week it was R U OK Day. This is a great concept but a lot of people seem to miss the point and it becomes a constant reminder of how little most people know about mental illness. While I don’t want to go on a massive rant about how it’s not that hard to educate yourself on what to do/say (heck, the RUOK website had a really useful and simple guide to that), I will say simply this – it is no use to post a #ruok to your social media feeds and expect that to do anything. You have to A) care every goddamn day of your life and B) be prepared for those closest to you to say at any time in their life “I’m not okay”.  This year I have gotten a lot better at saying to the people I am closest to “I’m not okay. I need your help, here is what you can do”. It has taken me years of psychotherapy, five separate hospitalizations and ongoing support from my close friends and family to get me to this point. It is still a difficult thing to say. But I can say it. And no matter how far I still have to go in my recovery, I am proud of that.

Being cut3

On R U OK Day this year, I realized it is liberating to admit that you are not okay. It means other people who are not okay approach you and say “I’m not okay either”. It means people who you rarely speak to say “I admire you for being so open about your struggles, because they are my struggles too”. It is okay to say you’re not okay, and by saying I wasn’t okay, I gave a few other people a voice to say “same here”.  This, to me, is what sad grrrls club is all about. This is why I started a movement for people who want to sing about how they feel. This is why I want to tell everyone it’s okay to be angry, sad, scared, anxious, mentally ill, physically ill, be yourself and be honest about that because it can, and often does, work out well for you.
This has not really been about my clothes that much. I think Jenny won’t mind (I don’t – Jen). RMC.