Teeny Tiny Train Tracks


So, my brain feels a little fried from the week I’ve had (it’s been very long, and very busy). I’ll just leave you all with the photo’s I took of Thursday’s outfit at the tiny train tracks.


Coat: Tree of Life, Dress: Miss Shop, Belt: Alannah Hill, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Don’t remember.

without Jacket portrait details of necklace Twirling sitting up close

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Sapphire with a hint of Ruby


Navy and red is such an easy, yet classic colour combination, which is what I’ve been going for recently in my outfits. All of my clothes still aren’t organised properly, so I’m going for “easy yet classic” outfits.

eyes clsed

This is what I wore the other day. I actually rediscovered this dress in the move. (the wardrobe in my old bedroom had a knack for hiding clothes) I adore the tiny red bow details on the pockets (I have a bit of a thin for tiny bows!)

standing looking away

Uni goes back this week as well. I’m simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading it. The bulk of my work at the moment hinges on me composing a lot of pieces, which I tried ot get done over the break, but ended up with really bad composers block (which, as you can imangine, stints the compositional process immensely. I’m coming out of it now though, so hopefully I’ll have the bulk of the work finished by week 3 ish 4 ish)

without jacket
I also can’t wait to get back into sewing. I’ve not sewn anything new in over a month because of uni and work and the move. I’m really missing it (I’ve got a half finished skirt packed away in a box just asking to be finished!)


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So I Moved…


I moved out last week! (which is why I haven’t posted.) I’m still without internet at home, hence why I haven’t posted in a week and a half (I’m currently at Rohan’s Noni’s place) I’ve also not been taking photos because I’ve been too busy/exhausted. As much as I’ve hated my lack of internet connection, the break has been kind of nice (If only to allow me to stay focused on my cleaning!)


Amongst all the craziness I turned 22, which is weird (in a good way). Adult birthdays are weird. There’s not the same build up or excitement surrounding them as a child. I spent the evening before with a group of my close friends (One of which is visiting from her home in England), then the actual day was spent rehearsing with my band! I had dinner with my parents in the evening at my favourite restaurant as well.


Blazer: Cue, Shirt: Review, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home Made, Tights: Coles, Shoes: Diana Ferrari.

I’m still not fully settled into the new place, but once I am I’ll do the house tour photograph thing!


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I disappeared…

Sorry! This is just a quick post to let you all know that I’m still around! I just moved hoes and everything is a bit chaotic / we don’t have any internet. I’ll be back sometime in the next few weeks,

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The Rhythm Hut


I did an exciting thing today. I went to the Rhythm Hut to pretend to be a photographer (Lets be honest, all of my good photos are a little fluke-y). My friend Lou is going to be doing a guest post here in a few days, so I went to take her outfit photos!


It was really fun photographing Lou. She has such a cool look, (and even though she doesn’t think so) she’s really photogenic! TLDR – keep your eyes pealed on facebook/instagram/twitter for guest post fun times!

Proped up against a wall

I decided to do take my outfit photo’s at the hut, seeing as I was there in a beautiful space and with good company.

skirt twirl

They recently redecorated the deck, which is really sweet.


The shoes I wore today are ones I acquired recently from the op shop. If you’ve ever been op shopping with me, you’ll know that I tend to always fall in love with shoes that are too small. This time the dream shoes fit. Now I know they look high, but the high is all platform. The actual arch height feels more like a small heel. I’ve also really been missing colour. I spent a good portion of last week gigging with the button collective, which was really fun, but it meant I was wearing a lot of brown and black (because that’s part of the “uniform guidelines”) so I had at it with the green today (and I’ll probably spend the rest of this week in ridiculously bright colours)

Fire pit

Cape: Thrifted, Shirt: Tree of life, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Home Made, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

Here’s a preview of Lou’s outfit for your viewing pleasure (You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled to this space so you can bask in her awesomeness asap!)



Jen and Lou


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Androgenous pirate

shoes with noodle

You know how sometimes you fall in love with a piece of clothing, but you have no idea how to style it, then it just sits in your wardrobe forever until suddenly you have a brain wave and create the perfect outfit using said piece of clothing? The culottes I wore today are one of those pieces of clothing.

Standing landscape

The button collective have this old vintage style “uniform” in which they wear lots of long pants, vests, suspenders, button down shirts, ties etc in neutral and muted colours. When styling the culottes I took a page out of their book, and used a muted navy and brown colour pallet, and creating layers with suspenders, a belt, a necklace, some tights and a pair of socks. I’ve also experimented with androgyny, using “masculine clothing elements”. I really enjoy playing with androgyny, and don’t do it near often enough.

Taking it off

Anna from Melodic and Thrify chick was a huge inspiration for the styling of this outfit. She is the layering master (if you like this outfit you should totally check out her blog!)

without jacket looking sidewayn

In other news, I rode my bike for the first time in many years today (out of necessity. Dad had the car, and I had to get home super fast from teaching). I’d forgotten how much fun riding a bike is. I’d also forgotten how uncomfortable a bike seat is, as well as how hard it is on the thigh muscles (which I don’t use often enough :P). I’m definitely going to ride more often once Rohan and I move into our new place. I need to get saddle bags though. I had a backpack and flute case on my back, which was super awful.

Candid without jacket

So yeah, this is pretty much the outfit I’m wearing for my gig this evening (I changed my coat after taking these photos though. It’s really really really cold at the moment, and the blazer wasn’t warm enough.)



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Chocolate Elephants


I forgot that shoes exist. Here’s a photo of we recording flute parts for The Button Collective instead!

The last 3 days have been completely mental. I’ve played so much music, listened to so much other music and met so many great people! It’s also meant I’ve barely been home which is why I’m posting these outfit photo’s I took on Thursday at my band mate from Button Collective’s house.


Coat: Spin Dr, Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Shop 55, Skirt: Home Made, Tights: Coles, Shoes: Don’t remember

The craziness all started Thursday. I taught in the morning, then trained it down to Jake’s place to finish the flute parts for the upcoming Button Collective release. Once that was all done and dusted we made our way to the Sly fox hotel in Enmore for gig 1/3 We played with two other bands: Echo Deer (who are a bit folky, a bit bluesy and a teeny bit country) and Swamp Fat Jangles (who are a bit folky, a bit grungy and all the right kinds of nuts). I may have also ended up on the last train home (which meant I returned home at an ungodly hour – my house was about an hour and a half away from the venue)

Taking it off

Friday I had a rehearsal with Vanishing Shapes (we’re currently writing all of the music which is super fun!) Once that was finished I made the 3 hour treck down the train line to Sydney to play gig 2/3 at the Gaelic Club. The Gaelic club is an amazing space. It’s an inconspicuous building near central station and is a dedicated Irish Cultural Center. I spent a good bit of time before the gig just chilling out on the balcony playing/ learning traditional tunes with strangers. It was such fun! The gig was brilliant as well. We played with three execellent artists/bands; Dominic Youdan (who was a folky solo act), Jon Cotton and the Book Keepers (They had a cool indie/vintagey sound going on) and Bears with GunsĀ  (I’m not really sure how to describe their sound. It was kind of indie, kind of folky, but kind of not all at the same time) all of whom were really freaking good.

Swishy Skirt

Saturday saw gig 3/3 at Corridor for Ess-em’s birthday bash. (She’s also a brilliant musician, so you should totally check her out) The Day started with a Vanishing Shapes Jam in the park near the venue, which was sick. We had two of the Button Collective join us for a jam as well (we did a bit of band inbreeding at the gig, seeing as we were both playing). We also ended up in a different bands music video footage (I can’t remember the name of the band, but I’m sure I’ll post about it later) Scarlete’s Revenge opened the evening with their mad as hell Pirate folk. Their performance was hella amazing (as was their ability to almost literally play on top of each other). Vanishing Shapes played second, and at the end of our set, Brodie and Quinton from the Button Collective jumped up for Danz Mustata. Having accordian and mandolin really thickened the sound. The Button Collective played last and played a really long set (usually when we play long sets we’d have a break in the middle, but we powered through this one!) It was so great being able to play a gig with V Shapes and Button Collective. All of my musical family was in the same place :D


I did rest a bit today (although, part of my “rest” was starting to pack up all my things in boxes). Work starts back again this week as well (I don’t teach much during the school holidays). I’m glad that uni is still on break, otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to recover from the 3 gigs in 3 nights.

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