Radioactive Rosebushes


A week ago today my phone was stolen on my evening train trip home. I’d fallen asleep because I’d had a long day and was utterly exhausted. It wasn’t a calculated sleep, It just sort of happened. Just before I drifted off my phone was in my hand, which was resting in my lap. When I woke up it was no where to be seen.

New lens


At first I thought It must have fallen to the ground, but a thorougher search did not see my phone returned to my hand. Next I searched my bag thinking that I may have put it away and not remembered. I turned my bag inside out, but there was no phone.

I managed to stay pretty calm, and I came to terms with the fact I’d never see my phone again (It was on 5% battery at the time, and there was a good 40 mins between when I realised it was missing and when I arrived at my station.) I wiped all the data I could and changed all of my passwords (I had to do a manual reset of my digital life as Android Device manager (the Android version of find my iphone) does not have remote wipe enabled by default for fear of data loss. There’s a box you have to tick to enable it, which is hidden in a settings menu :/ Great work google). I was fortunate that my digital life remained untouched, and that I was in the last month of my plan (meaning I could get a new phone without paying a squillion dollars)


with jacket

I ended up getting the Huawei G8, which is a decent mid range phone, but really super cheap compared to other phones that share the same specs. I love everything about the phone except for one silly “trendy” design choice – the use of a 2.5D screen. “what the heck is a 2.5D screen?” I hear you ask. Well my friend, it’s when the edges of your phone screen are slightly curved towards the edge of the phone. It serves two functions 1) to be aesthetically pleasing and 2) to make it impossible to get a screen protector which covers the phone edge to edge. (the ones on the market for my phone leave a good 4mm of glass unprotected around the edge.)

looking at new lens

I love a pretty phone as much as the next person, but cannot stand when form is chosen over functionality. The most frustrating thing is Huawei isn’t the only manufacturer doing this. Makes no sense yo.









belt deets

On an unrelated note, how cute is this dress? I bought this piece recently from Lady Petrova, who is my favourite Australian designer. She released it last year as part of her Summer collection “Sixteen”. This is one of those pieces that I’d been eyeing off all year. It was reduced, then reduced again, then reduced one more time to a price I couldn’t refuse.


It’s made out of this super soft lime green metallic faux leather material. The construction is immaculate, more of a connected skirt and crop to than a dress. I paired it with the shirt so I could be a bit more covered up (Also gave me some fabric I could pin the butterfly collar pins my mum bought me to, which are the exact same shade of green as the dress) It’s very mod/futuristic, and goes with so many things in my wardrobe!

Blazer: Can’t remember, Blouse: Thrifted, Dress: Lady Petrova, Belt: Home Made, Tights: Kmart, Shoes Dr Marten

It took me so long to photograph this outfit. The first time I tried, I took several underexposed blurry photo’s (I’ve been experimenting with some new lenses) before a huge downpour completely drenched my everything (I was able to keep my equipment dry, but not me) The same thing happened whilst taking these shots. It started pouring as I’d finished shooting.

collar deets

I must say, wearing this dress made me feel so much better about the whole phone situation. It’s hard to be sad about things like that when you’re wearing a pretty dress.

hand in hair

Forest fairy


My gosh, I’ve been letting this internet space gather cobwebs! I promise it’s not been intentional (I’ve still been photographing outfits). My thesis is due next week and I’ve been working like mad to get it done (except for right now whilst I’m typing this post. I need a break or I’m going to go mad!)

looking left
Makeup by

So upon spending way too long typing and deleting this post, I’m just going to not type anything and leave you with the outfit I wore a little over a week ago. Once the second of December passes expect a rise in the level of my writing! I will be very free then (Yay)

straight on






flippy hair


half a face

Space girl


I’m going to keep this on super short. I wore this outfit a couple of days ago for a thing my band did (which I’ll talk about later this year) Also, I’m not quite sure what happened to the colours/lighting when I took these… lets pretend I like the result, and we’ll just call it artsy! :P







holding glasses
Shirt: Glassons, Belt: Home Made, Skirt: Home Made, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Converse.




looking away




Classic Floral


Recently a shop dedicated to selling fake flowers opened up in my local area. I finally had time to peruse the shop. I may have walked out with some flowers, and I may have attacked them with glue and ribbon.

land ahoy

This is the result, a completely over the top, but super cute waist bouquet (Because lets be honest, it’s a little too ott to call a flower belt :P) . I must say, I felt like a fairy all day wearing this outfit.



I’ve been meaning to get into making floral belts for some time. The belts I wear the most are my two floral belts, which my mum bought for me several years ago. The main reason it’s taken me so long to make my own is that nice fake flowers (which aren’t made of paper or foam) are really hard to come by (until now!!!)



As well as the flowers, I also stuck plastic gems to the belt. (I mist admit, I did get lazy and use self adhering ones, which have since fallen off. I’ll probably redo them properly at a later date) Something I want to do once uni’s finished for the year is get into making tutorials (so let me know if you’d like to see how I made this yo!)




Flower Belt Closeup

The hardest thing about the whole process was choosing the colours I wanted to work with. The shop had a great selection of styles, but none of the colours matched. I went for the teal/yellow/white colour combination because it will “go” with the most things in my wardrobe. With this particular outfit I styled the colours so the belt would be the focus (I opted for more muted tones which would compliment rather than complete with the bright blue of the main rose)

Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Home Made, Skirt: Home Made, socks: Ebay, Shoes: Thrifted.

I’ll definitely make more in the future (and I might even make a few to sell …. who knows!)



Foxes, Studs and Buckles (Oh My!)


I’ve been having a hard time putting together outfits that I’m “happy” with recently. This happens to me on a semi regular basis, usually when I haven’t been sewing. I tend to treat getting dressed as a form of wearable art. After a while the clothes I make loose some of their creative appeal, and (for a while) I don’t get the same creative fulfillment out of wearing them as I did when I created them. Stress also contributes to my clothing struggles (which I’ve got a lot of at the moment because thesis D: )

Holding Glasses
Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Socks: Thrifted, Shoes: Don’t remember D:

This is the first outfit I’ve been happy with for a while. Whilst I’ve worn each of these items separately, the combination of these items together is refreshing. Something that I didn’t think about when constructing the outfit (but is now totally obvious in the photo’s) is the way the gold studs on the collar of my shirt match the gold on my peacock belt. Sometimes it’s the tiniest details you don’t notice that bring an outfit together!

Smiling away

I’m going to get a little meta here for a moment, because there’s a really important conversation happening on the internet at the moment, and the message that’s being spread is one that I wholeheartedly believe in. You may have noticed that my blog (and the blogs that I follow) are a bit different compared to the stereotypical “fashion/lifestyle blog”. I know that in my own tiny internet space I treat my clothes (and now photography) as an art form. I’m not trying to present a perfectly manicured life to aspire towards, I’m just a girl with a sewing machine putting a bit of creativity into the world. Basically, this blog is a space for creative fulfillment, not an internet mask of a perfect life.

sun set

Now why am I talking about this? Recently Essena O’Neil of Let’s Be Game Changers woke up to the lie that is corporate celebrity social media culture. (She’s posted a bunch of wonderful video’s about her experience as an “internet celebrity” and how she became aware of the harm it was doing to herself and others. I suggest you give them a watch) Basically mainstream social media culture is a delicate facade curated by brands and corporations to get people to buy stuff to make them feel/look/live like the perfect people they see on screen.


One of the biggest messages from Essena’s videos is that the “perfect life”  portrayed an social media is a highly curated caricature of the real person. It’s a mask, it is fake. One should not feel worthless about not having a perfect life, because the perfect lives shown to us aren’t really all that perfect.

I try to be as truthful as possible with the version of myself I share online. I talk about the things that matter to me, I use minimal post production on my photo’s (A bit of colour adjusting/contrast adjusting) and finally, I don’t alter myself in an attempt to gain numbers on a screen.


It’s so ingrained in our lives, but really social media is a relatively new way of communicating. It’s still in it’s infancy. The etiquette has not been completely established, and if we band together we can create a positive change. We should not let corporations and social media control our lives.


I did not mean to take such a long break…


I really hate that pretty much all of my posts are starting like this, but, you know, life and stuff.


Basically everything happened all at once in October, leaving me with not much time to do anything that wasn’t uni, work or gigging. This month is looking no better in that respect ( My thesis is due, so posts may be few and far between) but I’m going to make more of an effort to shoot my outfits and stuff.

flippy skirt

Ugh, sorry about my lack of words. I’ve just spent the last hour typing a bunch of different things, and going nowhere because my writing style is stuck in academia land. (I was going to write about what i’m writing for my thesis, but it was sounding kind of boring (I’ll totally talk about it if others are interested tho!))


I don’t remember when I took these photo’s. They’ve been sitting on my SD card for a while.

weird angle


As much as I’ve enjoyed doing honors, I’m really looking forward to it being over. I’ve pretty much banned myself from sewing/painting/video games/tv until it’s over. I don’t really know how to end this. It’s been kind of rambly and all over the place (sorry).


Kangaroo Valley 2015

ShoesI attended my first official folk festival (The 10th Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival) last weekend as part of The Button Collective (which is why I haven’t posted in a number of days).  Kangaroo Valley was such a lovely introduction to the folk festival community, and I can honestly say, as a musician, it’s one of the few places I’ve truly felt musically at home.

looking down

We played as a 6 piece over the festival (with the button’s usual festival musicians), which was a completely new experience for me.  There were two button’s I’d never met –  Bobby (fiddle) and Ben (Banjo/harmonica) (they’re the lovely chap’s you hear on all the button’s recordings). It was an absolute pleasure performing/hanging with the full band. Performing with them (as a 6 piece) felt natural (especially with Bobby. We had our own little melody party section going up on stage – twas fun yo)


Apart from performing with the Button’s, I joined in as many sessions as I could. For those of you who’ve not heard this term before, a session is basically when a bunch of musicians get together and play a bunch of music (often from memory). I love playing folk music, but have not memorised many tunes, meaning if I wanted to play the melody I had to work it out either by listening, watching how/where the other musicians fingers moved, or a combination of both.

I’m not used to learning that quickly by using my ear, but by the end of the festival, I found my fingers co-operating to the pitches played by other musicians (which, for someone who is used to learning music visually, completely bizarre in the best possible way)

quinton and jen 2
This is Quinton – Accordion player and photographer extraordinaire. Apart from playing music and posing with me, we also nerded out about camera’s lenses and general photography stuff because, you know, photography is cool or whatever.  (You can check out his work here!)

I fell deeply in love with an instrument. There was one instrument maker selling transverse flutes. I tried all of his flutes, and connected with one (which I brought home – I’m currently mapping out the fingering so I can eventually play it properly as a part of Vanishing Shapes) It’s made of Osage Orange, has a base tuning scale of E Phrygian Dominant, and speaks unlike any flute I’ve ever played (It’s got a very round mellow tone, but doesn’t cross into fuzzy sounding)

hand through hair

One of my favourite things about the festival was that pretty much everyone played an instrument, and that everyone who could play was peachy keen to play with everyone else. The music was the most important thing at the event, and it showed.

Quinton and Jen 1

Hopefully Kangaroo Valley will be the first of many folk festivals to come for me, as both part of the Button Collective and as Vanishing Shapes. (The Dream would be to play a festival as part of both bands!)

Finally, I’d love to say a big thankyou to all of the organisers of the event. Because of people like you I get to play the music I love with the people that I love, and that’s the best thing ever. <3