Boats on the water


I’ve got a bit of a nautical theme going on this week. (and believe it or not, I totally didn’t do it on purpose)


Dressing in “Nautical” clothing reminds me of the first trend I feel in love with (and the first trend I ever ever missed out on because I was too slow to pick up on it/ couldn’t sew it myself).


When I was in year 7, the coolest store to shop at was Supre. Supre’s clothes were (and still are) catering for the “tween” demographic. They were the perfect mix of cute/effortless/comfy/cheap, and every season their clothes sported a new “trend” (the only trend I ever took part in was the 2007 neon trend)


Cardigan: Cyber Shop, Dress: Laura Ashley, Belt: Dangerfield, Stockings: Ebay, Shoes: Don’t remember.

The summer trend they had that year was Nautical. The thing I remember most were the anchor prints. The print was pretty simple. Just a solid anchor (they had several different colours, one of which was the “supre” pink) repeated over and over on a slightly oversized cotton shirt.  Unfortunately I wasn’t really into shopping (it was still a boring yucky thing that adults did) so by the time I got round to dragging my mum into the fabled Supre, the store had moved onto “better” things.


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Sea Creatures


You’re probably going to be seeing this carpark quite a bit over the next few weeks. I’m in the Orchestra for the Gosford Musical Societies rendition of Pirates of penzance, meaning that all of my outfit photo’s will probably be taken hastily before a performance.


I think considering the theme of the musical (Spoiler Alert, it’s got pirates in it) I think my apparel was very appropriate.


The head band I wore today is actually a necklace my mum gave me ages ago. It’s very beautiful, but very annoying to wear, so I never wear it. I decided to try it as a head piece today because it’s the same colour as my skirt/has a very sea creature esque appearance. (I held it in place with many bobby pins!)

I’ll definitely wear it as head gear again! It was pretty comfy, and didn’t get tangled in my hair.


Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Dangerfield, shoes: Thrifted.

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button flower



I’ve decided to become a notebook person. All of the coolest people who blog /youtube / make art/ write cool things talk about how they’re notebook people. They talk about how they write down all of their ideas with a nice pen in a nice notebook so later they can perfect them. Considering how full of ideas my head is, I think it’d be pretty cool to store my ideas somewhere a little more permanent than my memory.




I’ve tried to do the notebook thing several times in the past. I think the main reasons I’ve never been able to stick to it are 1) I’ve felt self conscious about how terrible my writing is 2) I’ve not had much to write about 3) I hate it when my note /  art books aren’t neat and tidy and beautiful, leading to me only wanting to write nicely/ worried I’ll stuff it up. I’m trying to throw those sorts of cares out the window.





What I wore yesterday. Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Home made, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Myers, Shoes: Dr Marten.


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Music Musings


I am surrounded by so many great and passionate musicians.

My band played a gig in Newcastle last night for our friend Rachael Maria Cox’s Ep launch. It was such a special evening.


Dress (worn as shirt) Forever New, Dress (worn as dress) Review, Socks: Sportsgirl, Belt: Alannah Hill, Shoes: Dr Marten,

The evening started with Jessie Drane’s beautiful music. I absolutely love seeing her play. Her music is what I’d describe as having a laid back folky vibe. She can also sing freaky low, which adds to the mellow tone of her music.


My band played next. It was our first Newcastle gig with New Josh (and also our first Newcastle gig with me introducing the pieces/ saying words while people tuned / changed instruments). I couldn’t think of a better gig to introduce him at. We played really well, the crowd was electric, and the whole band kept having moments.


After us the main lady of the evening blitzed her set. Rachael’s songs are quite melancholy for the most part, and let me tell you, she does melancholy is the absolute best way possible. It was just her and her keyboard last night, but she recorded the ep with a full band (You can click here to stream/ buy/ marvel at her brilliance)  Congrats on a great release Rachael dear <3


I also started honors yesterday. The process of doing music at uni is an incredibly weird one. We started out as quite a large cohort, and now we’ve been whittled down to the last 10 or so people.

As weird as it is to have a small group in my year, I’m really looking forward to starting on the creative components of my research, as well as collaborating with others (not necessarily on their research, but just with general music-y things. 3/5ths of my band is in my class, as well as 2 composition friends, and a pianist friend, all of which I work with on a semi regular basis)

I’m also determined to become a notebook chick. I’ve had a love hate relationship with notebooks (and art diary’s). I’ve purchased so many with good intentions, but barely ever get past the first few pages of writing (or in the art diary’s case, I do a few crappy drawings, then let it collect dust on my “dead” art diary shelf) Honors involves a lot of writing as far as I know, so I bought a lovely notebook to use (along with a purple pen. #theycanmakemetakenotesbuttheycantchoosewhatcolourIwritewith).


Anyway, onto what I wore today! I’ve actually layered two dresses to create this outfit. I got home really late last night, which caused my to be incredibly dead when I woke up this morning. I tend to always reach for this dress when I’m half dead, probably because 1) it’s super easy to just throw on 2) It goes with so many things in my wardrobe making it easy to coordinate.

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Pretty Blue Feathers


I found a pretty blue feather!

I’m going to start by apologising about the super washed out photos. It was overcast and late afternoon when I shot, and all the colour in my outfit was diluted by the background.


I had a real lot of trouble making an outfit today. I was feeling very uninspired (partially due to the grey weather and partially due to the cloud of exhaustion I’m living in.) The lack of inspiration is also spurred on by the end of the season. I’m thoroughly sick of wearing “summer” clothes (which fol me is basically keeping my layering to a minimum and wearing fishnet style tights)


The outfit I’m wearing tomorrow is also going to be hard to put together. I actually did a rare thing this evening and attempted to plan tomorrows outfit, but it ended up looking like crap. I hope I have better luck in the morning!



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Heart Pinafore.



Remember when I talked about having an epic sewing night a couple of posts ago, and being all “I’ll put the other thing up in a few days”? Well, here is the other thing I made!


That’s right! It’s a heart shaped pinafore! It was pretty simple to put together, but pretty time consuming to complete (I do all my gathering by hand because I haven’t bought a gather foot for my sewing machine)

Believe it or not, this pinafore is actually super hard to style, like to the point where I had to actually buy a blouse specifically to wear with it. I used white lace on the pinafore, and a very white based busy print. This means that the pinafore doesn’t go with any of my off white or black blouses. It also doesn’t go with my green blouse due to the different greens used in the print. I own one white shirt that kinda sorta goes with it but due to the cut, it tends to billow out at the sides and needs to be constantly adjusted.


Blouse: Tree of life. Pinafore: Home made, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Dr Marten.

So yeah, this is what I wore to my bands gig at the rhythm hut last night! It was a really great concert, and really fun (despite the technical difficulties we had at the start).


I’m a bit dead now though. I played flute pretty much all day yesterday.


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Drowning in a purple puff of Tulle


This weekend has been absolutely mental in the best way possible. Friday sported an all day Vanishing Shapes rehearsal followed by an amazing gig at Mr Falcons, and yesterday I had a gig with my friend Alyse at the Kariong Eco Gardens for their monthly movie night. (We played half an hour of super cute flute duets!)



The real madness starts today . I have a full day of rehearsals and performances ahead of me. Like as in I start playing flute and 9:30am then probably finish at about 9ish 10 ish this evening with minimal breaks in between.

My band is playing the rhythm hut tonight, and we’re all super duper pumped. Like many people in Gosford, I see the rhythm hut as part of my musical home, so having my band play there will just be an amazing experience.

I’m really enjoying the ridiculous amounts of music going on in my life at the moment!


Anyway, I’m going  to post this before it gets too long an rambley!


cardigan: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Kitten d’Amour Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Don’t remember.

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