The Emerald Ruby is a blog, and professional catch all run by Jennifer Hankin. 

Jen is a Flautist, Composer, Singer, Photographer, Artist, Videographer, Fashion designer and all round creative person who has been let loose on the internet to create content across a variety of channels. 

Originally aiming to be a classical musician, Jen completed her A.mus.A in 2010. She then attended Newcastle University where she studied under Sally Walker (flute) and Colin Spiers (Composition). She completed a Bachelor of music with Honors in 2015. During her time at uni she received two scholarships. One for an outstanding university audition and the other (Maurice and Betsy Sendak Scholarship) for highest 3rd year performance mark.

Jen founded Experimental folk band Vanishing Shapes alongside Timothy Merrikin, Jake Kennedy and Joshua Rea in 2012, which in tern introduced her to the world of experimental music, folk music and jazz. With Vanishing Shapes, she has composed and independently released an album and an Ep, as well as joining them on the road for 6 Tours. 

In 2015 she joined Folk band The Button Collective, and with them has released 2 Ep's and an album. 

She has also recorded flute and Vocals for Sydney Bands Bread and Seaweed, Othrship and Tinsmith.

Jen's interest in photography started in 2014 when she began The Emerald Ruby. Originally shooting her photos on her phone, she quickly upgraded to a point and shoot, and then a DSLR. As well as photographing her outfits, she expanded to live music and portraiture photography. Her live music Photography has included The Australian Tango Festival,  Devil on the Rooftop, Niq Reefman and Oliver Downs. She has also provided portraits for musician and journalist Joe Asquith, and Band Photos for Vanishing Shapes

Jens Original Watercolour paintings have been featured on albums for Vanishing Shapes, Niq Reefman and Bread and Seaweed