Waste Not Want Not


It’s no secret that I think about a lot of things. As I move through the world learning about all the bizarre things we get up to as humans, I’m constantly gathering and analysing stuff about the formal and informal systems that dictate our daily lives. 


I’ve gradually been moving towards a zero waste lifestyle, and as I’ve been learning the ways to reduce my personal impact I’ve tried to reverse engineer the attitudes and behaviours of those around me that caused a past version of me to produce an “average” amount of waste. 


The completely anecdotal and unscientific opinion I’ve drawn from my thoughts are as follows: People, for the most part, hate getting their hands dirty, and hate being bogged down by stuff. This had lead to many a wasteful human invention, that slowly seeped into the norms of our social conscious. When convenience is at play it matters that you don’t have to bring the thing, or really think about its disposal. What lead me to this thought? My recent switch from tissues to hankies.


For as long as I can remember, I and everyone around me have disposed of their snot with single use tissues, that are disposed of in ye olde regular bin. House tissues came in a recyclable box, which is okish, and travel tissues came in plastic packaging. I never really thought twice about it - This is just how it was. 


This may sound dumb, but it only just occurred to me that tissues are wasteful. Tissues, and attitudes surrounding them seemed so normal and benign, almost making them invisible to my quest for zero waste. So I bought some hankies, then used those hankies for their intended purpose. 


It is now blatantly obvious why people invented tissues. Sickness, and snot soaked cloth is really gross. If you can use a disposable piece of soft paper to dispose of the gross snotty sickness and not have to deal with the clean up or ongoing ick factor throughout the day, why wouldn’t you!? 


For me personally this switch makes a lot of sense. I understand that for some people disposable tissues may be a necessity, but idk, if they’re not, maybe consider hankies?


I suppose my points are examine your ingrained behaviours, and care about the big picture. Our environment is in crisis, and there are many “zero/low waste” alternatives available (for things other than tissues as well ;P)

On a lighter note - How cute is my lovely friend Holly!? We’ve recently been having sewing days together. We nabbed these photos after a sneaky little lunch date. Sewing and photos with friends is fun yo!