Sometimes the only way to salvage a photo is to stick a vintage filter on it...

image I had a sewing day today. Because I got wrapped up in my sewing, I forgot to go out early afternoon to take my photos, thus having outfit shots with shitty lighting.


Luckily I managed to somewhat rectify the situation with filters!


Anyway, this is what I wore today. I made this play suit earlier this year, and don't wear it often enough!


It has the cutest tea set pattern on it


Can't wait to show you what I sewed it the coming days!

Let's have a real talk about the weather...


I am so sick of the weather at the moment. Basically I had this awesome outfit planned out because the weather was yucky and cold the night before. When I woke up in was super hot, so I decided to wear something less warm. This was a bad choice.


Guess what temperature it was at uni.


It was a very cold temperature. Despite my smiling face, I was not a happy chappy.


The moral of this story is, don't change your mind about pre planned outfits, because you might end up cold and miserable.

Hexagional mayhem

wpid-20140709_151322.jpg Today 3/4's of my band got together to catch up on general band stuffs and make art for our upcoming ep release. I got bassist Tim to take these photo's before we went for a skate as a break from being holed up in the kitchen and buried beneath art supplies.


Jacket: Thrifted, Playsuit: Home made, Belt: Alannah Hill, Tights: Myer, Shoes: Dianna Ferrari


I hit the sewing machine again last night and made this playsuit. I'd had the material sitting around for a couple of months. The only bad thing was it took longer than expected to sew (probably about 6 hours all up. I thought it would take about 4)

I also took some photos of the boys (although, mostly of Jake because he loves being silly in front of the camera)

wpid-20140709_151440.jpg wpid-20140709_151441.jpg

These two photos were taken just before we left.



wpid-20140709_163257.jpg wpid-20140709_163312.jpg wpid-20140709_163328.jpg

These four were taken on the route back. As you can see, Tim and Jake are quite majestic  (they're not too bad at music either :P).

Tea for two


Man, so I'm all about the playsuit at the moment. There are two factors to blame for this 1) my need for comfort (holidays + winter make me want to snuggle up in bed) 2) I got look book and then searched 'playsuit'. There were so many pretty ones!


Cardigan : review, playsuit : home made, belt : Alannah Hill, stockings: eBay, socks : eBay, shoes: thrifted bag: gifted


The bag I used today is actually the cutest thing ever. One of my best friends (the magical elise)  gave it to me as a thank you for being a bridesmaid. I named him Louie.


My lovely boyfriend too these photos for me on our walk. It was windy and cold, so I rugged up with a super comfy jumper, which makes my shorts look super short D: (it's just really long).

Practically Purple in every way !

wpid-20140627_142806.jpg For the first time since uni I have been able to take a day slowly. It was lovely.


Coat: Don't remember, Playsuit: Lady Petrova, Belt: Shop 55, Tights: Kmart, shoes: Kmart


I only had one reason to get dressed today, and that was to attend my voice lesson. I decided to go with something comfy so that breathing would be easier (and as far as comfy goes, you can't go past a playsuit.)


I'm actually really digging playsuits at the moment. I wasn't really a huge fan of them, mainly because the only ones I had come across were the loose fitting ones sewn out of super floaty fabric. My opinion changed once I stumbled across some more fitted playsuits. Because it's the holidays, I am going to do all the sewing! expect to see some more handsewn playsuits in the near future.